Poker in India: 5 Most Popular Apps to Get Started and Earn Money

Updated on: May 29, 2023 3:45 pm IST

Poker is a version of the card game in which participants compare their cards to determine which one has the highest hand in terms of ranking based on the specific gaming rules.

Online poker is a game of 2 to 14 players, and poker players have the option to call, raise the bet, match, concede, or fold. In the last two games, only two players have remained, and between them, one wins the game with the highest hand.

Poker is a game of skill instead of luck, and poker lovers enjoy it on the most popular apps to start their journey and earn money. Here is a list of the five most popular poker apps. Shall we begin?

1. Adda52 Poker

There are more than 20 lakh registered users on Adda 52 Poker, which reveals how popular this online poker platform is among poker fanatics. It is a very engaging and secure online poker app to obtain a memorable experience.

You can come to Adda52 Poker and get the opportunity to earn unlimited real cash by playing online poker there.

2. Gamezy Poker

Gamezy Poker is an appealing online poker app for poker users because they receive many opportunities to make real cash. Some of them are a sign-up bonus of Rs 500, a welcome bonus of up to Rs 18,750, and the chance to participate in a wide range of cash games from low to high stakes.

3. Spartan Poker

Do not stress over high entry fees since Spartan Poker offers you a chance to participate in low-stakes tournaments by just paying as little as Rs 1.

Alongside, it opens the gate for many lucrative features for its users, consisting of sign-up and referral bonuses and a VIP program with great rewards.

4. Poker Baazi

Wanna play on the biggest poker app in the world? Poker Baazi is the end of your journey, where you receive various facilities, including 100% cash bonuses on your first deposits, adventurous tournaments, additional goodies like real cash, cool gadgets, poker trips, cruises, and cars.

5. Poker Stars

Counting Poker Stars is the largest online poker platform because it is the preference of more than millions of poker fanatics. This software allows its users a catchy interface and a super easy-to-customize and usable platform, along with a sign-up bonus of Rs 1500 on a deposit of Rs 500.

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