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| On Feb 13, 2019 5:27 PM IST

Indian Central Government gives states freedom to decide on Fantasy Sports


The government of India is still tip-toeing their way around the legalisation of Fantasy Sports in the country. They did say that it is up to the states to evaluate the industry and make the decisions regarding the legality.

On 8th February 2019, Member of Parliament AP Jithender Reddy asked a question if the central government is considering rules and regulations for the fantasy sports market. He also asked if fantasy sports were considered “gambling or betting” and are not in par with what the Indian Constitution says.

The query was responded by the Union Minister of State for Finance, Pan Radhakrishnan. He said that regulation of betting and gambling is done under Entry 34 of List II of the constitution, therefore, individual states have the freedom to introduce their own laws on this particular subject.

Even though specific details weren’t offered, this is a positive step in the right direction regarding an industry which has a lot of potential to create jobs and revenue for the masses in future.