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Mandeep Singh’s Batting Performance at Wankhede Stadium in last 5 IPL seasons

Updated on: Feb 21, 2023 11:33 am IST

Mandeep Singh’s Batting Performance at Wankhede Stadium in last 5 IPL seasons


Mandeep Singh is a renowned cricketer and has been a vital player for his team in many cricketing events. This blog will delve into his record at Wankhede Stadium. The following statistics provide a comprehensive overview of Mandeep Singh's performance at this ground.

Batter Balls Runs 6s 4s SR 50s/100s Inn. Avg.
Mandeep Singh 17 23 0 2 135.29 0/0 2 23.00

Runs and Batting Average

Runs scored: 23
Balls faced: 17
Average: 23.00

Mandeep Singh has played 2 innings at Wankhede Stadium.
The data shows that he has scored a total of 23 runs in these innings, with an average of 23.00.

Last 5 Performances

Last 5 Performances : 7,16,N/P,N/P,N/P (Latest first)

Boundaries (Sixes & Fours)

Sixes : 0
Fours : 2
Mandeep Singh has hit 0 sixes and 2 fours at Wankhede Stadium.

100s & 50s

50s scored: 0s
100s scored: 0s
The statistics also reveal that Mandeep Singh has scored 0 fifties and 0 hundreds at Wankhede Stadium.

Strike Rate

Strike rate: 135.29
The strike rate of Mandeep Singh at Wankhede Stadium is 135.29.

Highest Score

Highest score: 16

Boundary Percentage

Boundary to run percentage: 34.78
The boundary to run percentage of Mandeep Singh at Wankhede Stadium is 34.78.


The above statistics provide an in-depth look at Mandeep Singh’s performance at Wankhede Stadium. These data points offer a comprehensive overview of his batting record at this ground, including runs scored, average, boundary shots, scoring milestones, and more. It is up to the reader to use this information to draw their own conclusions about Mandeep Singh’s abilities as a batsman at Wankhede Stadium

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