5 Surprises That Could Happen in Wrestlemania 34

Updated on: Mar 27, 2018 6:43 pm IST


#1 Roman turns Heels

Why do fans hate Roman Reigns? Because he’s boring and bland.

What would make the fans like him? Turning him heel. Roman turning heel was thought to be the strategy behind Roman vs Undertaker at Wrestlemania but that didn’t happen.

The fans want to see Roman as a heel and not an over pushed babyface. Roman cheating to win the Universal Championship and turning heel will give his character a new life.

#2 Heyman betrays Brock

It’s well known that Brock will be returning to UFC somewhere in mid-2018. This leaves his advocate Paul Hayman without a champion.

If Roman turns heel, beats Brock to win the Universal Championship followed by Hayman betraying Brock and siding with Roman. Now that would get the forums steaming.

#3 Daniel Bryan Returns

Daniel Bryan was cleared for in-ring work and made this announcement on Smackdown Live last week.

It’s said that WWE has a surprise match in the works for Wrestlemania 34 that’ll be Bryan and Shane vs Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens. It might also have Shane turning on Bryan or vice-versa.

#4 Carmella wins the Women’s Championship

Carmella has been holding on to the women’s money in the bank briefcase for a very long time since she won it. Speculation is she might cash it in during the Asuka vs Charlotte match at Wrestlemania  34 and win the Smackdown Live Women’s Championship belt.

#5 Cena turns Heel or The Return of The American Badass

The most anticipated, fantasy booking moment in all of wrestling history. The moment when Mr. Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect turns to the dark side.

All this can happen if John faces the Deadman in Wrestlemania and isn’t able to put him down. As the match goes on, the frustration builds and builds inside of John and then finally. When the referee is down, either a savage beatdown via a steel chair or a sudden, fast low-blow.

After his hand raised as the winner, the trademark John Cena smirk with no remorse or regret. The possibility of seeing the Undertaker ridding out to Limp Bizkit’s ‘Rollin’ for the last time in WWE is highly unlikely but a fan can dream.

But the sight of the Undertaker, The American Badass riding up the ramp into the night while the fans chant ‘Thank you, Taker!’ is what Wrestlemania is made for.

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