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Five most shocking moments at Wrestlemania


Wrestlemania is the biggest night of wrestling, it comes once a year and it’s where all the carefully crafted main storylines reach their end. It’s attended by millions and watched by another few millions across the globe. This is the night for dream matches, unexpected surprises and shocking moments. Today we’re going to be talking about the 5 most shocking moments that took place on the ‘Grandest Stage of Them All’.

#5 Brock’s Shooting Star Press at Wrestlemania 19


We know botches can either put a wrestler on the bench for months with an injury and in some rare cases completely end a wrestler’s career. One such botch was done by Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 19 in a match against Kurt Angle.

Brock who back the also went to the top rope attempted a shooting star press but timed it wrong and landed right on his head. Any wrestling fan can tell you why this is a seriously bad thing. Lucky for Brock he was able to continue and even win the match, winning the title.

#4 Seth’s cash in at Wrestlemania 31


The perfect match booking, Brock was facing Roman for the title and the fans didn’t want either as the champion. Then suddenly out came Seth and cashed in his money in the back contract and turned the match into a Triple Threat before winning the title belt to a huge fan approval.

#3 Hulk slams Andre at Wrestlemania 3


The original Wrestlemania moment. The first time Andre the Giant was slammed on TV. Fans jumped out of their seats and the moment was immortalized.

#2 Austin turns Heel at Wrestlemania 17


During the WWF era, Stone Cold was the biggest babyface in the company. Always standing up to Vince McMahon and defying authority.  Fans would lose their mind when they heard that glass shatter. But at Wrestlemania 17 Vince helped Austin defeat the Rock and they both shook hands. Stone cold had sold his soul to the devil.

#1 The Streak Ends at Wrestlemania 30


The moment that will live on as a stain on the WWE. Some think it was right, others not. Brock hitting the Undertaker with another F5, the pin. One, two and three, the streak is over. 21-1.

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