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Five best Money-In the Bank CASH-IN OF ALL TIMES.

The Money-In-the-Bank is basically a get out of shit booking card. It’s a fancy looking briefcase that is won in a ladder match at the Money-In-the Bank Pay-Per-View event. After winning this life-changing briefcase the wrestler has in his/her possession a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship belt whenever he/she so chooses. He/she can cash it in before a major event or Pay-Per-view or cash it in during a World Heavy Weight Championship match, adding the wrestler to the match in progress. This briefcase has proven to be a jackpot for some wrestlers while others did not have such luck. Here are the 5 best Money-In-the-Bank Cash-In of all time:

#5 Kane – Money In The Bank 2010

The reason this one is on the list is cause it was the shortest amount of time a wrestler held on to the briefcase. Kane won the briefcase and cashed it in on the same night.

The main event was Rey Mysterio facing off against Jack Swagger and after a long and tiresome match, Rey was victorious. Then Kane came out and cashed in his briefcase and after a tombstone piledriver won the match and the title.

#4 CM Punk at Extreme Rules 2009

They call CM Punk ‘The Best in The World’ for a reason, that being he’s an opportunist. At Extreme Rules 2009, Jeff Hardy was facing Edge in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match for the title.

After a long and exhausting match, Jeff had won to see Punk come out and cash in. Even after a ‘Go To Sleep’ on Jeff, he kicked out. But after another GTS he was pinned and CM Punk was the new Champion.

#3 Edge at New Years Revolution 2006

After winning a very long and hard Elimination Chamber match John Cena thought his night was over. But out came Vince McMahon, he first congratulated Cena on his victory  Just when Cena thought it was over Vince announced his opponent who was cashing in his Money-In-The-Bank right here, right now and that was Edge.

#2 Dolph Ziggler on the Post Wrestlemania 29 episode of Raw

Not all great things have to happen at a Pay-Per-view event. Even after the greatest night of wrestling, some really amazing surprises can happen on a normal episode of Monday Night Raw.

After winning his match against Jack Swagger an injured Alberto Del Rio sat in the corner of the ring being attended too by medical staff when Ziggler’s music hit and the crowd went bananas. The cheer was thunderous.  One Zig Zag later, Dolph was the new winner.

#1 Seth Rollins at Wrestlemania 31

The mother of all cash-in and one of the most shocking moments in Wrestlemania history. The match was between Brock and Roman for the WWE Championship and none of the fans wanted Roman or Brock to win.

After a long a grueling match the two beasts had worn each other out, Rollins music hit and he cashed in his briefcase and turned the simple one on one into a triple threat match. He tried going for a second ‘Curb Stomp’ on Lesnar but got caught in an F5 position only to be saved as Roman speared Lesnar. Rollins then hit a ‘Curb Stomp’ on Roman and got the pinfall.

Rollins is now the only MITB holder to ever cash in on The Grandest Stage of Them All.

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