Five Things that should happen on next week’s Raw!

Updated on: Mar 28, 2018 6:43 pm IST

We’re just one episode of Monday Night Raw away from Wrestlemania 34. The anticipation is hot and the stories are hotter. We need this episode to be the appetizer for the main course that’ll be Wrestlemania 34. Here are five things that need to happen on the last episode of Monday Night Raw:

#5 Ronda Rousey destroys someone.

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I’m not talking about a stereotypical squash match where Ronda destroys some unknown jobber within seconds of the bell ringing. I’m talking about setting up a match where Ronda can display her skills before Wrestlemania, giving the fans a preview of what she can bring to the main roster.

#4 A showdown between Seth, Finn and the Miz

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This could be in the form of a match interference by the Miztourage that could lead Seth and Finn to team up to take them out only to turn on each other at the end. The same can be done by Randy, Roode, and Mahal.

#3 Brock and Roman brawl

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A handcuffed Roman was destroyed by Brock. He came back the next Monday Night and they brawled again. The one scene everyone is waiting for is Roman and Brock brawling, and brawling and brawling to the point the entire locker room is out pulling them apart. A nonstop 10 minutes of throwing punches and rights and superman punches and maybe even a spear through the barricade.


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Sheamus & Cesaro cheat to get the better of Braun and take the numbers game advantage to beat a downed Braun. Fans waiting for Braun to ‘Beast mode’ out of this but it’s not happening.  Braun’s tag partner for Wrestlemania 34 and the fans go wild.

#1 The Deadman

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Cena will be facing Kane on the go-home show before Wrestlemania 34. Everyone is expecting the Deadman to show up and even if he doesn’t he can make his presence felt. Kane’s up on Cena’s shoulders ready for an AA, light out, GONG! Lights on! No undertaker! Cena turns around into a Tombstone by Kane. 1,2,3, ding ding. Kane wins.

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