Three Possible endings to Lesnar-Reigns match

Updated on: Mar 28, 2018 6:43 pm IST

The build-up to this match has been better than before. The story has been told better than before. The pre-showdown hype has been better than before. The WWE is trying their best to better sell the upcoming Roman vs Brock for the Universal Championship title than they did in 2015, Wrestlemania 31.

#3 Brock Wins

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The least imaginative ending the WWE can think of. Brock retains the title and loses it to someone else later in the year. Even though Brock is a huge fan favorite and a major draw at PPV events, he is still not a full-time wrestler and only occasionally shows up. If this prediction turns out true then the WWE will still have a part-timer as their Universal Champion making the title less important.

#2 Roman Wins

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If the rumors are to be believed that Brock will be returning to UFC somewhere mid-2018 then Roman could be taking home the title. The upside to this will be the Universal Championship belt getting a full-timer defending it which will lead to more matches giving it more weight. The downside is the wrestler holding it. Fans still hate Roman and giving him the title might prove disastrous.

#1 Roman Wins, Turns Heel, Brock gets Betrayed.

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The only way to hand Roman the title without angering the fans while leaving Brock open for a huge return is turning Roman heel and having Heyman betray Brock. The pop of the crowd upon seeing Heyman turn on Brock only to get hit with a spear, or Heyman turn on Brock and help Roman cheat to win will turn Roman heel, Brock a babyface and an entire arena left buzzing with excitement.

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