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Hardik Pandya Family – Brother, Wife, Father, Mother, Son, Sister in law


Hardik Pandya is a well-known name in the world cricket today. He is an example of how one can change life with his strength and determination.

Life has not always been a bed of roses for Hardik Pandya. He survived a time when his family couldn’t support even a decent meal and he had to feed himself on instant noodles. However, he did not give up and stood to make a name for himself and his family.

Hardik Pandya Family

Hardik Pandya hails from a nuclear Gujarati family that had his father, mother and his elder brother’s family. Hardik attended the school till ninth standard and thereafter, he couldn’t complete his education owing to the tough times. It was during this time that he made up his mind to be a cricketer.

Brother Krunal Pandya
Wife Natasha Stankovic
Father Himanshu Pandya
Mother Nalini Pandya
Son Agastya
Sister in law Pankhuri Sharma


Hardik’s father, Himanshu Pandya played a major role in his success. He shut down his small business in Surat and relocated to Baroda where his sons could get better facilities to practice. His mother Nalini Pandya has also been a constant support in this journey.

Elder Brother

Hardik is dotted by his elder brother Krunal who just like Hardik has made his mark in the cricket arena. Both the Pandya brothers have established themselves in the Indian Cricket Team and are making the country proud with their contributions.


Hardik got married to Natasha Stankovic in 2020 and is a happy father of a son.

He has proved that nothing can dissuade you from blooming into the person you are till the time you are backed by your family. Today, the Pandya family has overcome all the hardships with the love and blessings they share for each other.

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