Lerisha Munsamy – Keshav Maharaj Wife, Instagram, Age, Profession and More Details

Updated on: Nov 17, 2023 5:09 pm IST

Keshav Maharaj Wife Lerisha Munsamy

Lerisha Munsamy is the wife of Keshav Maharaj. Their love story began like many others, through mutual friends. Over time, they developed a liking for each other and started dating. Notably, Keshav demonstrated his patience and understanding from the very start of their relationship. When Lerisha was late for their first date, Keshav’s graceful handling of the situation left a lasting impression on her, ultimately leading to a strong and loving relationship.

Keshav Maharaj Wife


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When did Keshav Maharaj marry Lerisha Munsamy?

As they decided to take their relationship to the next level, Keshav and Lerisha faced the challenge of bridging cultural differences. Instead of a direct approach, Keshav came up with a unique idea to win his mother’s approval. On his mother’s 50th birthday, the couple performed a Kathak dance together. Their traditional dance performance not only impressed Keshav’s mother but also conveyed their love and respect for Indian culture, securing her blessings.

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Lerisha Munsamy Biography

Age 33
Husband Keshav Maharaj
Profession Kathak dancer
Instagram lerisha_m

Born on 7 February 1990, she is a trained Kathak dancer from India. She keep a private life and not much in known about her at the moment.

Is Keshav Maharaj born and raised in India?

Keshav Maharaj’s family history has ties to India, specifically to Uttar Pradesh’s city, Sultanpur, situated along the Gomti River. His forefathers, seeking better work opportunities, relocated to South Africa in 1874. Although Keshav was born and raised in South Africa, his connection with India is evident through his participation in various Indian festivals and celebrations.

Keshav Maharaj is known for his spiritual connection and devotion to Indian culture and Hinduism. His cricket bat featuring the sacred ‘Om’ symbol sparked discussions and appreciation. The ‘Om’ symbol holds immense significance in Hinduism and is considered one of the most important mantras. Additionally, Keshav is a devoted follower of Lord Hanuman, often visiting temples to seek blessings from Bajrangbali before his matches.

The life of Keshav Maharaj reflects the beautiful fusion of cultures, love, and respect for traditions, showcasing that cricket transcends boundaries and brings together people from diverse backgrounds.

Keshav Maharaj is one of the world’s best left-arm orthodox spin bowlers, has made a significant mark in the cricketing world.

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