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Rohit Raju Wife, WWE, Impact Wrestling, Age, Height, Real Name, Instagram


Rohit Raju is a former X Division champion in Impact Wrestling and has in the last 10 years competed in different circuits of American Wrestling. He was a part of the Desi Hit Squad and has been in the independent wrestling for very long.

Age 41
Height 5 ft 8 in
Wife Not Known
Real name Hakim Zane Mad Dragon

Rohit Raju WWE

He is a high flyer and works mostly as a heel competitor in WWE. He is known for his mic skills which get him a lot of heat from the crowd and elevates his matches to the next level. Lets get to know a bit more about him

Rohit is billed from Hyderabad in India but he is originally from Michigan and his real name is Hakim Zane. He often states his mother Shira Smith to be his inspiration. He has worked very hard and it is his work that has manifested into him being one of the most respected cruiserweight wrestlers in the circuit.

He is having his best years now in Impact and has had some of the most technically sound matches with the likes of Santos Escobar, Sonjay Dutt, Suicide,Ace Austin and TJ Perkins. He is right now carrying the X Division in Impact wrestling and will be a force now that he has aligned with Mahabali Shera. He is known for having a deep move set which includes high flying manoeuvres and high speed movements. His matches are a thrill a minute ride.

He keeps himself in impeccable shape and his  frame is completely jacked up.

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Rohit Raju Wife

He hasn’t been public about his relationships but has revealed that his mother passed away 13 years ago and he would have really been happy had she been there with her during his top run right now. His character is one who would not shy away from taking a shortcut to win and that really makes him a dangerous opponent for anyone. Currently he has been in a feud with TJ Perkins and they have been dishing out classics on a weekly basis.

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