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WWE Mahabali Shera Wife, Age, Real Name, NXT, Salary, Instagram


Mahabali Shera WWE: While it was Great Khali who put Indian Wrestling on the map in the world, it has been him who has continuously been a workhorse for India and has continuously been a factor for the better part of the decade.

Mahabali Shera Height: 6’2″

Mahabali Shera Wife

He is unmarried. He is a practicing Sikh and a non vegetarian. He has a tattoo of a Long Dragon Tail on his hand and he loves to dance and watch films in his free time. He is a fan of Amitabh Bachchan.

Mahabali Shera Age

Shera is 31 years old and still has a long way to go in his career.

Mahabali Shera TNA

He has reached a high rank of 138 in the PWI rankings. He has been across promotions and has been a big dominant performer in all these promotions. Currently he is wrestling in the Impact Wrestling.

He started his career in the TNA promotion Ring Ka King in India in 2011 where he competed against the likes of Scott Steiner and even defeated Brutus Magnus. He announced himself here and was then signed by TNA. He started his career as an associate with James Storm under the ringname Khoya.

He then turned face and competed for 2 years in TNA before signing up with WWE NXT for a brief time. He then returned to TNA and aligned himself with the Desi Hit Squad and their manager Gama Singh. The alliance has continued in the form of his allegiances with Rohit Raju who in his pursuit of the X Division championship

Mahabali Shera Country

Shera is an Indian who hails from Ferozpur in Punjab. He is currently living in Detroit Michigan. He is 6 ft 2 inches and weighs in 242 pounds. He is currently in the best shape of his life and has certainly grown as an in ring performer with a bulked up body and ring skills to show for it. He has been through the grind in the independent circuits too and has fought in the Ohio Valley Wrestling and All Star Detroit wrestling.

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Real Name

His real name is Amanpreet Singh Randhawa.

Mahabali Shera NXT

A short contract with WWE NXT in 2018




The salary of a WWE developmental talent ranges between $50,000 and $150,000.

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