5 Biggest Controversies of Indian Cricket

Updated on: Jul 24, 2021 1:25 am IST

Controversies of Indian Cricket

India is a cricket crazy nation and there is nothing that unites a country as diverse than cricket. Cricket however has also had its share of bleak moments and shady events. When there is so much money involved in a game, there are some unfortunate elements which are bound to creep in. Here is a look at some of the most infamous Controversies of Indian Cricket which rocked the game and the nation too.


1) The match fixing scandal of 2000

While cricket has always had controversies accompany it, this was perhaps one which took the world of cricket into a damaging spiral, one that the entire country took some time to get out of. The controversy started when Delhi Police came out with reports of bookies being in contact with the South African captain Late Hansie Cronje who was in India with is team to play a series in India.

The match fixing scandal got worse when details came out about the involvement of Ajay Jadeja and the then captain Md Azharuddin in the scandal. The scars of the match fixing scandal were felt for a while in Indian cricket as there.

There were others such as Ajay Sharma and Manoj Prabhakar who were involved with bookies too allegedly. The bans on Ajay Jadeja and Azharuddin plagued their careers. The bans were lifted after a few years however the careers weren’t the same and they never got back to cricketing setup. It certainly caused a stir in the cricketing setup and the ripples of that stir are being faced in Indian cricket.

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