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| On Jul 23, 2021 6:41 AM IST

5 Most Expensive and Extravagant Houses of Indian Cricketers


Indian cricketers have over the years been known to achieve the status of demi-gods and that has allowed them to live the high life. They own the most expensive watches, the best cars and off course they live in the most luxurious of houses. They say that the house you build represents the person that you are and we see cricketers show their personality (and their riches) off by some of the most spacious and eloquently designed mansions that you would ever see. Lets take a look at some of the best houses of Indian cricketers


1) Rohit Sharma’s house

Rohit Sharma comes from really humble beginnings and has and has over the years established himself as one of the main stays of the Indian cricket. Not just as an Indian cricketer, he is also one of the most popular IPL cricketers and the most successful captain of the Indian premier league.

In his free time, Rohit relaxes himself with his family in one of the most beautifully designed houses of all time. He is a Mumbai boy who used to live in a one room place with his family earlier in his life but now he lives in the Ahuja Towers in Worli in Mumbai.

This is a tower which has been awarded as the best high rise award. His house has a ceiling which is 13 ft high and is a house which is completely automated working on voice commands. The price of the house when it was bought was estimated around 30 cr.

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