5 Most Expensive Houses of Indian Cricketers

Updated on: May 26, 2023 12:25 pm IST

5 Most Expensive Houses of Indian Cricketers

Indian cricketers have over the years been known to achieve the status of demi-gods and that has allowed them to live the high life. They own the most expensive watches, the best cars and off course they live in the most luxurious of houses. They say that the house you build represents the person that you are and we see cricketers show their personality (and their riches) off by some of the most spacious and eloquently designed mansions that you would ever see. Lets take a look at some of the best houses of Indian cricketers

1. Rohit Sharma’s house

Rohit Sharma comes from really humble beginnings and has and has over the years established himself as one of the main stays of the Indian cricket. Not just as an Indian cricketer, he is also one of the most popular IPL cricketers and the most successful captain of the Indian premier league.

In his free time, Rohit relaxes himself with his family in one of the most beautifully designed houses of all time. He is a Mumbai boy who used to live in a one room place with his family earlier in his life but now he lives in the Ahuja Towers in Worli in Mumbai.

This is a tower which has been awarded as the best high rise award. His house has a ceiling which is 13 ft high and is a house which is completely automated working on voice commands. The price of the house when it was bought was estimated around 30 cr.

Rohit Sharma’s house

2. Yuvraj Singh’s house

Close to Rohit Sharma’s and also skipper Virat Kohli’s house, is the house of former Indian batsman and world cup star Yuvraj Singh. Yuvraj resides in the Omkar Towers 1973 and has combined two flats to create a palace like flat for himself and his family.

Yuvraj always has been a fan of living larger than life and his house is a great reflection of his way of life. His batting was no different. The man who is famous for hitting 6 sixes in an over in a world cup game and taking India to the world cup trophy twice has had his share of battles which included his battle with cancer.

He has fought through all of that and now that he is enjoying his time off the field, he has a great place to relax and live with all the luxuries that he has deserved for himself. The two houses are said to be worth around 65cr.

Yuvraj Singh’s house

3. Sachin Tendulkar’s house

One of the best houses of Indian cricketers is the house of the god of cricket himself. Sachin Tendulkar’s struggle as a young boy living and growing up in Mumbai are very well documented but after years of playing cricket and being worshipped and revered as the God of cricket, he relaxes in his 38 cr worth mansion which has 5 stories and a terrace.

His mansion took 4 years to construct but metaphorically speaking, it took an entire career of hard work and passion to build. As a cricketer, he used to walk out on the field with a billion hopes on him and transformed the way cricket was seen in the country and now that he is enjoying time off the field, he spends his days in the marvel that his house is.

It is also a common tourist attraction as tourists who go to Mumbai often visit the temple where the god resides. He is often caught practicing yoga on his terrace by the paparazzi.

Sachin Tendulkar’s house

4. Virat Kohli’s House

While Virat Kohli currently resides in Worli in his 34 cr flat, we are going to talk about his house in Gurugram which is where he often resides with his family.

The house situated in one of the richest areas of Gurugram, is believed to be about 10000 sq ft and worth 80 crore. The Indian skipper too comes from humble beginnings where he resided in West Delhi in a small house and has struggled his way up to the very top as he is one of the icons of not just Indian cricket but world cricket.

Having one of the best houses of Indian cricketers is just one of the perks of being the biggest superstars ever to have played the game. His brand is one which keeps increasing everyday and having a house in the same Delhi NCR area must feel great for the skipper.

He is usually on tour with the Indian Cricket team and doesn’t get much time at home but whatever time he does get he surely spends it like a king. It goes with his moniker too ‘King Kohli’ indeed

Virat Kohli’s House

5. MS Dhoni’s house

Known for being captain cool on field and an enigma off it, MS Dhoni – India’s most successful captain – likes to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city life and prefers to stay in the lap of nature.

He is attached to his hometown Ranchi where he grew up as a kid and came up the ranks as a cricketer and has built his house across 7 acres in a farm in Ranchi. He lives there with his family and has a farm where he loves farming himself.

He has a showroom for his beloved bikes and also has a gym equipped with all the major amenities meant to keep the man fit. His house is away from the city and perhaps is the secret of how he manages to keep his cool on the field. He is a doting father and a family man.

He is also still one of the biggest brands in cricket and earns a great deal from his advertisements. He is still playing in the IPL and is one of the fittest cricketers so can go on for a while.

MS Dhoni’s house

So this is where our beloved cricketers reside. Makes us envy them doesn’t it ? living life king size.

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