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Top 5 Hottest Cricket Couples

The cricketers are often treated as gods in our nation, and their every step is scrutinized. However, one thing which often attracts a lot of eyeballs to these cricketers is their personal lives and who they are dating/marrying. These cricket couples are what often sets couples' goals for us. Anushka Sharma and Sakshi Singh Dhoni are often treated as first ladies of Indian cricket.

In contrast, Natasha Stankovic became a national crush as soon as Hardik proposed her to be his wife.  Let us take a look at five hottest Cricket Couples in Cricket right now:

Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Sakshi Singh Dhoni:

It can arguably be said that WAG culture did not exist in India before Sakshi Singh Dhoni. When Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the then captain of the Indian team, married Sakshi Rawat in 2010, she became the unofficial national ‘Bhabhi' of the nation. Next year in 2011, when Mahendra Singh Dhoni hit the winning six in the World Cup final against Sri Lanka, the camera panned out at Sakshi, and it summarized the hotness of their relation. The couple gave us various moments to cherish and is seen continuously setting couple goals for us. They can arguably be stated as the first cricket couple of India.

David Warner and Candice Warner:

David Warner is arguably the most explosive opener of our times. The left-handed batsmen fell in love with Candice Falzon, an ironwoman. The champion surfer has supported his husband no matter what comes and has always stayed with the SRH Captain. Candice is in no way an inferior name to Warner and is a model apart from being a surfing champion. Though, she has never hesitated in playing second fiddle to Warner. She was very supportive of Warner during the Sandpaper controversy and came out as the biggest strength of Warner.


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