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5 Reasons why 4-day Test is a ‘Good Idea’

The oldest format of the game is on the verge of undergoing a major change in its structure, in the way it is played for over 100 years. The purists might say that they don’t believe in making a significant structural change to this beautiful format of the game but there has to be some evolution as the time progresses.

For instance, the test matches were played for countless number of days when the cricket was invented, then it was brought down to 6 days and now currently standing at 5 days for a test match.

Here we look at 5 reasons why 4-day test is a good idea.

4-days tests goes hand-in-hand with modern day cricket

It is a known fact that the whole cricketing world is moving towards a massive revolution in introducing new formats like T10, The Hundred, etc. although those formats are yet to get ICC recognition.

The 5 day-tests is probably one format which ICC haven’t done any major changes in the last 30 years or so. Now with all the modern day shorter formats coming into picture, the 4-days tests can give tough competition to those as it will bring in a new dimension altogether.

Less breathing space for the players

The another important aspect that should be noticed is that there will be less or no time for the players to take a break or to take things lightly in a 4 day test as they have to be on their toes all the time.

In 5 day tests, the 3rd day is traditionally called as the moving day which is also considered as one of the most important day. The moving day is the one that decides the team that is going to dominate for the remaining part of the test more often than not.

With 4 day tests, the moving day will be ideally shifted to the 2nd day thereby increasing the intensity with which the players approach the game.

Wickets to become more result oriented

In cricket, preparing a good sporting wicket is one of the most beautiful art. In 5 day tests, there is a tradition that the pitches will be flat for the first 2 days especially in the sub-continental conditions which will make the toss a crucial factor so that the team batting first can pile up huge score in the 1st innings and declare when the pitch is starting to crack up and expose the opponent's batting.

In 4-day tests, the curators will be forced to prepare a good sporting wicket which should do something for bowlers from day 1 that there will be equal competition between bat and ball.

Commercial aspect to move up

The commercial aspect is one thing that ICC is so concerned about and that is the very reason that they have introduced the world test championship into the picture. With the modern day requirements, a common layman finds it easy to spend time on a T20 game which ends in a matter of just 3 and a half hours time rather to spend time in a 5 day game.

The day-night test is the one big change that ICC introduced which also increased the commercial aspect of the game considerably when compared to day test matches.

The 4-day tests can bring in some real excitement and make the viewers to glue to their television sets as it takes one day which is potentially 90 overs of play out of equation.

Brings more audience to the ground

One of the major concerns of 5 day test cricket is the lack of supporters at the ground, and that is the very reason why day-night tests were introduced.

With 4-day tests, there is a lot of possibility that the crowds can come and watch the game live since each and every day will turn into an eventful day.

All in all, 4 day tests may not get the better of 5 day tests but there is no harm in trying the hand in a new format as it is all about exploring new things in cricket.

Let the success and failure take care of itself and good quality cricket is all that is needed for fans irrespective of the formats of the game.

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