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David Warner invites Virat Kohli for a dance duet

The corona Virus pandemic has caused everyone to go crazy because honestly no one would have ever been in such a long period of quarantine lockdown situation in their whole lifetime. This is the first of its kind experience of being in a lockdown for almost everyone and cricketer David Warner is no exception.

Tik-Tok sensation David Warner

David Warner who burst into Australian setup as a pocket dynamite opening batsman has been a sensational performer for the country for the last decade. Now that his services is not required for his country as a dashing opening batsman, he has turned into a Tik-Tok sensation. His moves are all cherished by his fans across the globe and especially in India.

In his latest post in the Tik-Tok platform he was seen dancing to a popular Bollywood song originally performed by Akshay Kumar. Indian captain and superstar Virat Kohli couldn’t control his laughter on seeing the video which was shared in the official instagram account of David Warner. Virat Kohli went on to comment a series of laughter emojis for the post.

Warner challenges Virat Kohli

The antics of David Warner did not stop with posting his dance video in Tiktok or Instagram alone. He replied to Virat Kohli’s laughter emojis by challenging the Indian batsman to appear in a duet dance video with him. He further added that Anushka Sharma will help him setup an account for Virat in tiktok app.

“@ViratKohli you are next bro come on a duet. Your wife will set you up an account 😂😂😂” was the reply comment.

Over the past few weeks he did entertain his fans down south by dancing to some famous Tollywood songs. But he actually shot to fame when Warner along with his wife and cute little daughter performed for Sheela ki jawani the famous Hindi song.

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