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Khaleel Ahmed reveals toughest batsman to bowl to

It is always an inspiration when a player from not an established place achieves massive heights in the international cricket for their respective country. The left arm fast bowler from Rajasthan in Khaleel Ahmed is one such bowler who is now an entrenched fast bowler in the Indian cricket circuit who had to go through a lot of hardships to reach the position that he is currently in.

There are people who are born with a silver spoon and have all the freedom to pursue their dream in their childhood but the lanky fast bowler in Khaleel Ahmed is not one of them. He was born into a typical Indian middle-class family where the parents wanted him to focus on his studies rather than paying attention to cricket.

This batsman makes me nervous- Khaleel Ahmed

The game of cricket has evolved so much that it has become a batsman's game to some extent in the limited overs cricket. With 2 new balls, flat tracks and short boundaries, the margin of error for the bowlers is very less that they will be taken to cleaners even if they miss their length by an inch. The bowlers surviving in this batsmen dominated era is something that is very difficult to adapt to and Khaleel Ahmed named Virat Kohli as the batsman that he found tough to get rid off.

The left arm quick also told that the legendary caribbean in Chris Gayle is one batsman whom he got nervous bowling to. The gigantic southpaw is a batsman who makes even the greatest of bowlers to make mistakes with his intimidating factor and Khaleel Ahmed is no different.

The Rahul Dravid effect!

The veteran Indian batsman in Rahul Dravid is an inspiration to many budding cricketers and his words of wisdom is something that each and every youngsters will be longing for. When Khaleel Ahmed met Rahul Dravid for the first time, he said that he felt like he had come face to face with his crush.

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