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Virat Kohli reveals Indian who bowls 155 kmph at Team India nets

India is a country not so famous for producing really brutal fast bowlers who can bowl at 145+ consistently or ever 150+ occasionally. But our batsmen over the years have tackled these fast bowlers from around the world with ease. It has always been a mystery on how our batsman does it despite not having enough fast net bowlers. In his candid live chat with former Bangladesh skipper Tamim Iqbal, Virat Kohli throwed some light on one of India's unsung hero, Team India's throwdown specialist D Raghavendra.

India's Unsung hero

In the live chat Tamim asked Kohli to speak to viewers about Team India's unsung hero, the throwdown specialist D Ragavendra.

Fondly called by teammates as Raghu, his ability to rachet up speeds in excess of 150-155 kmph with the sidearm enormously contributed to Indian batsmen's improvement against fast bowling in recent years, acknowledges skipper Virat Kohli.

The sidearm is a cricketing equipment that is shaped like a long spoon, with its far end designed to hold and hurl the ball at great speeds.

“I believe the improvement this team has shown while playing fast bowling since 2013 has been because of Raghu,” Kohli said during an Instagram Live session with Bangladesh star Tamim Iqbal.

“He has good concepts about footwork, bat movement of players. He has improved his skills so much that from sidearm he easily hurls the balls at 155 kmph.”

Playing Raghu in the nets helps

Kohli added that since the whole of Indian batting unit practices heavily under Raghu who clocks 155+ before a match, it helps them immensely during the match as they feel they have more time in hand while facing foreign fast bowlers who bowl at 145+ consistently.

“After playing Raghu in nets, when you go into the match, you feel there is a lot of time,” Kohli added.

He also mentioned that Raghu is one of the member in the Indian coaching staff unit who has helped immensely in the development of his career over the years.

It is no surprise that Raghavendra has been a crucial member of the Indian cricket team's support staff for years now.

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