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October 26, 2018
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I feel sorry for Windies players: Stuart Law

By Chaitanya Laxman

Windies cricket coach Stuart Law has said that he feels sorry for a lot of Windies cricketers as they don’t have a proper Test set up and most of them have to learn on the go. He also admitted that unavailability of big cricketers does affect things.

Stuart Law who is coaching the Windies cricket team since 2017 spoke about the situation of cricket in the Caribbean and his journey so far in an interview he gave to an online cricket portal.

International can be bloody tough: Law

He said that he feels sorry for a lot of Windies cricketers because they’re learning on the road. He noted that international cricket is a super tough environment to learn in and if you’re not understanding what goes into playing long-form cricket, it can be bloody tough.

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He believes that to play long-form cricket, you need to be able to play on really good surfaces and understand what it takes to bat all day. Also, understand what it takes to think a batsman out rather than run in and let go and let the wicket do the job.

He thinks that’s what the Caribbean needs. They need a little bit of love down in the regions to make sure the pitches that they play on are the best they can possibly be.

Senior batsmen not playing has a detrimental effect: Law

Law stated that senior players opting out of tournaments have a detrimental effect. He explained that you pick a side – talking about these one-dayers – you sit down at a selection table and three or four players pull out for one reason or another, you sort of think, well, okay, what’s going on?

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At the same time, he accepted that players have their reasons and he respects they have their reasons.

Law emphasizes the importance of fitness

The Windies coach pointed out that fitness counts for a lot of things. It counts for decision-making on the ground. He stated that you’re not physically fit, you can make poor decisions in the middle because you can get tired.

He admitted that he saw a lot of skill in Windies players and he still does. He revealed that every player that comes in here has got something about him.  But he feels that one thing they need to work on is being able to maintain that skill level under pressure the entirety of the game rather than ten or 12 overs here and there.

Chaitanya Laxman