I never had friends in my childhood, reveals Hardik Pandya

Updated on: May 11, 2018 1:47 pm IST

  • Mumbai Indians’ star man Hardik Pandya has recently opened up about his childhood in an interview to the MITV. He calls himself naughty and talks about how he always got into fights in the interview.

    Hardik started by saying,”I was different. I think I was just born different, When I was 11, I used to color my hair, And when i came home, my mother would scold me. but still, I would do it again. I would make stupid excuses to my coach like how the dye had fallen on him accidentally while he had gone to get a haircut.”

    He also adds that he was very naughty and always got into fights, ending up with no friends. “So yeah… I was very naughty… I always got into fights. I never made friends.”

    Then he talks about his brother and fellow Mumbai Indians player, Krunal Pandya and how he was responsible for Krunal not having any friends. “I troubled Krunal a lot too… Because of me… Krunal never had friends either, because if one brother picked up a fight, the other is forced to fight as well. So, because I got into many fights, he lost many friends.”

    Hardik has enjoyed stellar success this season in the IPL. Gujarat born All-rounder has claimed 16 wickets in this season’s IPL and scored 188 runs and will be hoping to take Mumbai into the playoffs as the climax of this season nears.

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