September 20, 2018
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Look beyond Dinesh Karthik says former India cricketer

By Chaitanya Laxman

Former India cricketer Sanjay Manjrekar feels that Indian team management should look beyond Dinesh Karthik who has struggled to create a permanent position for himself in the team despite several opportunities.

Manjrekar was discussing about Team India’s performance on an online cricket portal after India trashed Pakistan by eight wickets in a one-sided Asia Cup match.

Karthik ideal for T20: Manjrekar

He said that he doesn’t agree with this Dinesh Karthik pushing that’s going on in 50 overs cricket. According to Manjrekar, Karthik is ideal for T20.

Image credits @ AFP

He added that India needs to move away from people like Dinesh Karthik who they keep going back to and people who’ve been around for a long time, senior in age, and still not certain. The former Indian batsman feels the management got to start looking at young, more exciting options.

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Manjrekar feels Rahul better than Karthik

Speaking about the younger options available, Manjrekar said he thinks  it’s not such a bad idea to involve KL Rahul in all matches that India play.

Dinesh Karthik made a comeback in India team courtesy of a sensational performance in the Nidhas Trophy where his astonishing cameo delivered India the title against Bangladesh.

However Karthik failed to stretch his form in the Test series against England and failed miserably in the first two Tests matches which resulted in his axing from the subsequent Tests.

In Asia cup, Karthik has so far scored 33 runs against Hong Kong and 31* against Pakistan.

Agarkar agrees with Manjrekar’s view

Ajit Agarkar who was also present during the discussion agreed with Manjrekar’s view of moving away from Karthik.

He said  that between the two, you’ve always got to go for Rahul. He added that even if the runs are similar, Rahul would have been his pick today.

Chaitanya Laxman