Pakistan Super League T20 Prize Money: How much Money PSL 2022 Winner will get?

Updated on: Feb 11, 2022 4:19 pm IST

Pakistan Super League Prize Money

PSL 2022 Prize Money – PSL has been one of the finest leagues in terms of talented fast bowlers and young batsmen, it produces for the Pakistan national team. Here are all the details about the prize money which will be given to the winners of the Pakistan Super League 2022.

PSL 2022 Prize Money: How much Money Pakistan Super League T20 Winner will get?

The Pakistan Super League winner in 2021, Multan Sultans received 80 million Pakistan Rupee (INR 3.5 Crore ), with the total prize being 112 million Pakistan Rupee (INR 4.8 Crores). This time around, the prize money of the winner has been increased to 90 Million Pakistan Rupee, and total amount being 130 million Pakistan Rupee. It is equivalent to around INR 3.8 crores for the winner of Pakistan Super League 2022, and the total amount allotted being approx INR 5.6 Crores.

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The broadcasting licenses and title sponsorship amount have been increased due to the level of cricket in the tournament, and the participation of key T20 players as well. The title sponsor, who bought title rights in 2016 for $5 million are now paying PCB around $11 million after renewing their contract in 2021. The prize money has also been on increase as the whole Pakistan Super League 2022 will be played in two venues, Karachi and Lahore, eliminating logistic and other costs.

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