Indian Cricket Team Jersey Numbers: Why Virat Kohli wears 18, Rohit Sharma 45, MS Dhoni 7?

Published on: May 24, 2020 6:00 pm IST|Updated on: Apr 27, 2023 5:13 pm IST

Indian Cricket Team Jersey Numbers

Indian Cricket Team Jersey is not just a t-shirt. It represents the emotions that are attached to millions of fans across the world. Over the years many cricketers have chosen to wear various jerseys numbers and some numbers have become synonymous with that player so much that it’s impossible for fans to think of another player in that jersey number. Here we look at some interesting stories of the jersey numbers of Indian cricketers.

1. Ravindra Jadeja jersey number

Ravindra Jadeja jersey numberJadeja when he made it to the Indian national team wanted the jersey number 12.

Ravindra Jadeja IPL jersey number

But since Yuvraj was already an integral part of the team and due to the general rule of BCCI that no two players of the playing eleven can have the same jersey number, Jadeja chose number 8. Reason being he was born on 06-12-1988 and those numbers add up to 8.

6+12+1+9+8+8 =44, 4+4=8.

2. Rohit Sharma jersey number

Rohit Sharma jersey number

The HitMan’s lucky number was number 9. However, when he was picked for the U-19 World Cup in 2006, he chose not to have a single digit number on his jersey. So he consulted his mother to suggest him a two digit number. She was the one who suggested the number 45 and ever since Rohit has been using that number. Moreover, 4 and 5 add up to 9 as well.

3. Virat Kohli jersey number

Virat Kohli jersey number

Indian captain has been wearing the number 18 since his Under-19 days. The story behind this number is heart-touching. 

It was his father Prem Kohli, who sent him for cricket coaching and it was his dream to watch his son represent the nation one day. His father unfortunately passed away on December 18, 2006. 

Even though his father never got the chance to see his son play for the Indian national team, his memories are always with his son who is ruling the world cricket right now as a king by carrying number 18 on his back in memory of his father.

4. MS Dhoni jersey number

MS Dhoni jersey number

The jersey number 7 has become synonymous with MS Dhoni in India. Regarded as the best captain to have ever led the Men in Blue, he has been wearing jersey number 7 ever since his debut. The reason for him using the number 7 is that he was born on 7th of July 1981. Dhoni loves the number 7 so much that he even owns a lifestyle brand by the name ‘Seven’!

5. Sachin Tendulkar jersey number

Sachin Tendulkar jersey number

Each and every person in India knows that Sachin Tendulkar uses the jersey number 10. But interestingly he started his career with jersey number 99.

Indian Cricket Team Jersey Numbers Virat Kohli 18 Rohit Sharma 45 MS Dhoni 7 jerseys buy online free download Indian cricketers

He faced several issues in the early part of his career and decided to consult an astrologer. It was he who suggested him an alternate number. It was number 10 and the rest is history.

Indian Cricket Team Jersey Numbers Virat Kohli 18 Rohit Sharma 45 MS Dhoni 7 jerseys buy online free download Indian cricketers

Later after he retired from the game, Mumbai pacer Shardul Thakur used the number 10 jersey in one of the games and received a lot of backlash from the Indian fans. Since that incident BCCI decided to officially retire that jersey number

6. Hardik Pandya jersey number

Hardik Pandya jersey number

India’s long wait for a Kallis like all-rounder ended when Hardik Pandya made it to the XI. Interestingly on receiving the national call he chose to wear a three digit jersey rather than the conventional single or double digit ones. 

The young gun kept 228 as his jersey number since this happens to be his highest score in the Under-16 Vijay Merchant trophy. He was the skipper of Baroda U-16 side then and his team was reeling at 23/4, chasing a 350 plus score set up by a strong Mumbai side. Batting at number 4, he went on to score a massive 228 in that match and hence helped his team to register an otherwise imposible win. After that he went onto represent Baroda U-17 & U-19 sides as well.

Hardik had mentioned in one of his interviews that it was that knock that gave him the confidence to express himself on the big stage.

7. Washington Sundar jersey number

Washington Sundar jersey number

Newest member of the Indian spin attack, Washington Sundar has been headlining cricket news ever since his debut due to his unconventional name. Interestingly he has an unconventional jersey number as well. He uses the number ‘555’, since he was born on the 5th of October at 05:05 AM.

8. Kuldeep Yadav jersey number

Kuldeep Yadav jersey number

The only Chinaman bowler to have ever played for India, Kuldeep Yadhav uses a number 23 jersey.

He idolises Shane Warne, hence as a tribute to the legendary leg spinner, he uses number 23. 

Interestingly Warne preferred to use number 23 as it was used by his idol and legendary basketball player Michael Jordan.

9. Ravichandran Ashwin jersey number

Ravichandran Ashwin jersey number

Leader of India’s spin attack, Ravichandran Ashwin initially when he got the national call wanted number 9 on his back. But Parthiv Patel who was part of the Indian setup back then had already taken number 9. So he decided to add one more 9 and hence chose 99.

10. Rahul Dravid jersey number

Rahul Dravid jersey number

Known for his gentlemanly nature, ‘The Wall’  Rahul Dravid has a personal reason behind using the number 19 jersey. Initailly he used number 5. He later changed to 19 after his marriage as it happens to be his wife’s birthdate. 

Once when he was asked about his choice of jersey number, the legend responded that number 19 was the best way for him to remember his wife’s birthday.

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