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| On Aug 26, 2021 2:03 PM IST

Top five richest cricketers in the world and their net worth


The game of cricket has been among the most loved sports in the world. Cricket has given fans so many memories to count on. While there have been some one-sided games, the fans have also witnessed some unforgettable nail-bitters. Over the years, the game of cricket has given us many memorable performances that are even etched in history. With new formats and leagues adding in the excitement for the game is growing day by day.

Richest cricketers and their net worth

Across all the countries, Cricket is the most-watched sport in India and is celebrated as a festival. In a country of 1.3 billion people where every child dreams to become a cricketer, only a few people get a chance to represent their country in the sport. Even though becoming a cricketer is a tough task but it provides players with great wealth to live their life in luxury. While some earn from leagues across the globe others indulge in various endorsements and many other things.

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In this article, we will take a look at the five richest cricketers and their net worth.

Brian Lara- INR 454 Crores 

Who has not heard the name of Brian Lara? The left-handed batsman from the Caribbean was the greatest cricketer during his playing days from 1990-2007. He dominated the cricketing world throughout his career spanning 17 years and clinched many records to his name including his record of unbeaten 400 runs against England in Test cricket, which remains unbeaten. In a total of 430 matches across the formats, the southpaw scored 22,340 runs to go with 53 centuries and 111 half-centuries.

Throughout his career, Brain Lara, who is known as ‘Prince of Port of Spain,’ has earned an ample amount of money and his current net worth is INR 484 crores. The 52-year-old was long associated with Tyre brand MRF who would have paid him a staggering amount of money. He also tried his hands at golf and had huge success in that sport as well and is also an owner of a luxurious home in Trinidad.

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