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Watch: Hanuma Vihari reveals childhood cricket hero, ‘cried and unplugged TV when he got out’

Hanuma Vihari is one of the highest-rated Indian batsmen when it comes to technical abilities. Hanuma Vihari made his debut for the Indian test team in 2018 as a middle-order batsman. Hanuma who made his debut against the ‘Three Lions' in the foreign land has established himself in the middle order of Indian test side. The Andhra batsman recently appeared in a Cricbuzz exclusive ‘The Spicy Pitch.' Talking with Manish Batavia Hanuma Vihari revealed a lot of things about his childhood memories and how he loved cricket and loved batting all day long.

Hanuma Vihari gets candid about his childhood:

Hanuma Vihari is often regarded as one of the technically apt batsmen in the current Indian set-up. The current Andhra captain got open about his childhood and about his love for sports. The childhood coach for Hanuma Vihari briefly attended the interview. He told that even in his Childhood, Hanuma always used to keep a price on his wicket. Mr John spoke that Hanuma Vihari used to score centuries for fun in his childhood. Hanuma, who was dropped from the state U-16 side, became more resolute after getting axed from the team.

Hanuma said “The thing with me is that I'm very stubborn when I play Test cricket. I don't want to give away my wicket easily – that's the quality I have; it's a big strength for me.”

Hanuma came to limelight in 2012 when he was a part of U-19 winning national squad. However, his role wasn't identified immediately, and Hanuma Vihari kept proving his worth in the domestic circuit till he finally established his name on the team's roster.

Hanuma reveals the reason for his cricket love

A classic textbook batsman, Hanuma Vihari, told that he was inspired to play cricket due to a legendary batsman. Hanuma revealed the name of Sachin Tendulkar as his idol. Vihari revealed “Sachin sir was obviously my idol when I grew up. That was the reason why I started playing cricket.” The left-hander also told that he was so much inspired by the ‘Master Blaster' that he used to switch off his TV when the right-handed got dismissed.

Vihari added on the subject “When I was young I used to watch him bat and I loved it. In the 90s he was like the king of batting. Whenever he used to get out, I used to cry and unplug the TV – used to do all such things.”

Hanuma Vihari also revealed other interesting incidents from his childhood.

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