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WATCH: Sanju Samson’s INSANE fielding effort to save a six at boundary line in 3rd T20I

Sanju Samson is one of the most athletic fielders going around in Indian cricket right now. He has taken several boundary-line catches and has saved even more boundaries in the outfield whenever he was present on the field. The 3rd T20I between India and Australia saw one such fine boundary line save from Sanju Samson. His brilliant effort in the outfield saved a certain six.

Sanju ‘Superman’ Samson

The incident happened in the second ball of the fourteenth over. Shardul Thakur bowled a length ball, which was launched to the sky by Glenn Maxwell. At the moment it looked like a certain six. But Sanju Samson, who was stationed at the boundary line had other plans,

He set himself upright in front of the ropes, watched the ball all along its trajectory, and dived himself over the ropes. He caught the ball in the air and was sensible enough to throw it back into play before falling onto the ground. With this valiant effort, he saved four valuable runs for his team at a time when both Mathew Wade and Glenn Maxwell were creating havoc with the bat.

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Just another save for Samson

For any other player, this miraculous save is something to be hyped about. But for Sanju Samson, this is just a normal day at the office. He has been regularly taking such catches and pulling off such saves from time-in and time-out. He has earlier pulled off one such save in the IPL while playing for Delhi Daredevils and has even pulled off such a save for India as well in the past in a game against New Zealand. The first T20I between India and Australia also saw him pull off a terrific catch at the boundary ropes to dismiss his Rajasthan Royals skipper Steve Smith.

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