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Kuldeep Yadav names two batsmen who are most challenging to bowl to

The talented chinaman for India Kuldeep Yadav in his recent interview picked 2 batsmen whom he found challenging to bowl to. The chinaman bowlers are a rare breed and often batsman find difficulty in picking them due to their variations and angle. But here are 2 batsmen whom the bowler himself had difficulty in bowling to.

Steve Smith and AB de Villiers gave Kuldeep Yadav some hard time!

The former Australian captain and the #1 batsman in tests Steve Smith has been a batter who gives tough times to all the bowlers in the world and Kuldeep Yadav is no different. Here’s what Kuldeep Yadav had to say about Smith

Smith plays me mostly off the back foot. He plays the ball very late as well, so it becomes challenging to bowl to him

Kuldeep Yadav further added that he was happy to know the retirement of AB de Villiers as mr.360 gave some really difficult time for the chinaman

In ODIs, AB de Villiers is a good player. He has a unique style. Now that he's retired, it's a good thing!. But other than him, I haven't found any other batsman who I am scared will hit me for a lot of runs.

Kuldeep on his relationship with Yuzvendra Chahal

The two wrist spinners have become an unavoidable force for the Indian team in the limited overs set up and have destroyed the opposition batters in the middle overs with their wily leg breaks. The 2 time hat-trick getter in ODIs further added,

He has always taken care of me like an elder brother. Even now after playing so many matches together, even off the field, he gives advice on cricket as well as off cricket.

Ever since the Indian team decided to increase their batting depth, only one of Yuzvendra Chahal and Kuldeep Yadav got the opportunity to play for the team but that hasn’t affected their relationship.

“He supports me and this bond is visible on the field as well. We have never had competition between us, irrespective of which of us gets picked to play, In the last year or so, only one of has gotten to play at time,” Kuldeep Yadav said

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