Why is Virat Kohli not playing India vs England 2nd Test? Reason Revealed

Updated on: Jan 30, 2024 5:48 pm IST

Why is Virat Kohli not playing India vs England 2nd Test?

Team India dearly missed the services of one of their batting pillars during the first Test against England as Virat Kohli opted out of the first two Test matches due to personal reasons. Not only, did Team India fail to fill his shoes in the batting order, but the skipper Rohit Sharma also missed Virat’s advice and suggestions on the field.

While there were many speculations, no one knew the real reason behind Virat’s absence. At the same time, the BCCI urged the media and the fans to not to create any rumours regarding the same.

Everyone is aware of Virat Kohli’s dedication and discipline. Furthermore, he has also prioritized playing Test cricket over anything and hence, Kohli missing the first two Test matches of a vital series against England grabbed a lot of eyeballs.

Virat Kohli’s mother’s health is the prime reason behind his absence

Amid all the speculations, a post on social media platform X has emerged where a person named Waleed bin Abdul revealed that Virat Kohli’s mother Saroj Kohli has not been doing well lately and the condition is a bit concerning this time around.

In his post, he also added that she was also admitted to the CK Birla Hospital in Gurgaon because of a liver issue in September 2023. However, the family didn’t inform Virat Kohli as they wanted him to focus on the World Cup at that time.

However, he also added that her health condition is serious this time and hence, Virat Kohli had to be with his mother. While one can question the credibility of the source, it is confirmed that there is something serious going on in Virat Kohli’s personal life at the moment otherwise, he would not have missed the first two Test matches against England.

At the moment, we can only pray for the well-being of Virat Kohli and his family as we hope to see him conquering the oppositions on the cricket field soon.

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