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Fastest 1000 runs in ODI – Batting Records


Fastest 1000 runs in ODI – The consistency to score runs is the most important quality that is looked in the batsman in the times of T20 and ODI cricket. One such parameter to gauge the consistency is the landmark of 1000, 2000, 5000 runs, etc.

Fastest 1000 runs in ODI

The players have also been ranked according to these landmarks and a good amount of emphasis is given to the players reaching them faster. Let’s delve into the players who have taken the least amount of innings to reach these three landmarks.

1. Fakhar Zaman is the fastest to score 1000 runs and he has been a fierce batsman ever since his debut, he is a hard hitter and always starts with a attacking mindset. He took just 18 innings to achieve that feat.

2. Imam Ul Haq is another Pakistani opener, who is the second to fastest, and he has also been a good striker, since he made his debut and the time he played regularly. Imam took just one more innings than Fakhar.

3. Sir Viv Richards achieved this milestone way back in 1975, he is a early achiever of this milestone. He took 4 years to score this much, because of the less games, they used to play at that time. Although, he took 21 innings only to get to that point.

4. Kevin Pietersen has been a delight to watch, whenever he’s been on song. He is the number four on the list to do the same. He has been a versatile cricketer for the England team. He used to be a fierce cricketer with a smacking attitude. He took the same innings as Richards.

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5. Jonathan Trott has been the then other English player to achieve this feat. He took the same number of innings as his teammate KP. Trott achieved this in the World Cup 2011, while playing against Ireland. Trott did not play for a long time, but had a decent time in ODIs.

Batsman Innings to 1000 Runs
Fakhar Zaman 18
Imam Ul Haq 19
Viv Richards 21
Kevin Pietersen 21
Jonathan Trott 21

Fastest 2000 runs in ODI

The fastest to 2000 runs in One Day International was Hashim Amla who took 40 innings. Then the next 3 batters, Zaheer Abbas, Kevin Pietersen, and Babar Azam took 45 innings, while Imam Ul Haq took 46 innings.

Batsman Innings to 1000 runs
Hashim Amla 40
Zaheer Abbas 45
Kevin Pietersen 45
Babar Azam 45
Imam Ul Haq 46

Fastest 5000 runs in ODI

The former South African opener Hashim Amla again tops the list with only 101 innings to reach 5000 runs in ODI. While, the modern-day greats Virat Kohli, David Warner, and Joe Root took 114, 115, and 116 innings respectively.

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Batsman Innings to 5000 runs
Hashim Amla 101
Iva Richards 114
Virat Kohli 114
David Warner 115
Joe Root 116

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