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Smallest cricket stadium in the world


Smallest cricket stadium in the world: The size of the cricket grounds plays a major role in the success of the players. The kind of pitch or the outfield depicts whether the match will be low or high scoring. The shorts grounds usually are in the favour of batsmen as they have the greater opportunity to set new records and etch their name in history. On the other hand the longer grounds favour bowlers more as batsmen along with the timing need power to clear the fence while on contrary in shorter grounder even muscled shots clear the fence easily.

Smallest cricket stadium in the world by boundary

Let’s have a look at the smallest cricket stadiums in the world by boundary:

Eden Park, New Zealand

Eden Park in New Zealand is the smallest cricket ground by boundary. The ground is located in central Auckland and its straight boundary distance of 55 meters and square boundary of about 64 meters makes it the shortest cricket stadium in the world. The cricket stadium was established in 1900 and so far has hosted a total of 153 international matches.

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The Wanderers Stadium, Johannesburg

The Wanderers Stadium in Johannesburg, South Africa is the second shortest cricket stadium in the world by boundary. It was built in 1956 and has the ground size for a straight boundary of just 65 meters. The stadium so far has been host to 106 international matches.

Lord’s Cricket Ground, England

The ‘Mecca of cricket’ Lord’s cricket ground is also among the shortest cricket grounds in the World duo to its shortest square boundary of about 65 meters. The ground has been a host to many iconic matches and was established way back in 1814. So far the ‘home of cricket’ has hosted 219 matches so far.

Eden Gardens, Kolkata

The next shortest cricket stadium in the world by boundary is India’s very own Eden Gardens, Kolkata. The size of the square boundary in the ground is about 66 meters. The stadium was established in 1864. Notably the stadium has been host to Rohit Sharma’s 264 in an ODI innings. So far the ground has hosted 79 international matches.

Holkar Cricket Stadium, Indore

The fifth shortest stadium in the world by boundary is the Holkar Cricket Stadium in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India. The dimensions of the ground are about 68 meters towards the straight boundary while the square boundary is about 56 meters. The ground has been host to Virender Sehwag’s 219 off 149 balls in 2011. So far the ground has hosted 9 international matches.

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Cricket Ground


Boundary type

Size (in meters)

Eden Park, Auckland New Zealand Straight 55
The Wanderers, Johannesburg South Africa Square 64
Lord’s, London England Square 65
Eden Gardens, Kolkata India Square 66
Holkar Stadium, Indore India Straight 68

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