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3 batsman who can bat at 4 in place of Virat Kohli if he misses the first Test between India vs New Zealand


Virat Kohli has been phenomenal for the Indian team in the long run and has been the one player who India has relied on for almost a decade now. He has been going through a rough phase for the last few years but his class is undoubtable when it comes to Test cricket and his passion for his favorite format. Test Cricket. For the India vs New Zealand test series though he has decided to take a break in the first test as he focusses on workload management. He however definitely leaves a gaping hole at the Number 4 spot which he has almost made his own in the last few years. He is one of the players who has made it a point to make the Indian bench strength stronger and make sure that no one suffers due to his absence. For the dream 11 prediction, these are the few players whom you would expect to replace him in the playing 11.

  • Ajinkya Rahane

Rahane is going to replace him as the captain for the first test but you would also expect him to replace Kohli at the Number 4 spot which would mean that he is batting a spot higher than his usual position. We have seen him score a 100 from that spot in Melbourne when Kohli had to leave the Australian series midway. This is a player who is technically very correct and he is a proven performer. His form in India however has been questionable but no one can doubt his prowess as a player particularly in the difficult situations. New Zealand are world test champions and they will present difficult situations for the Indian team for sure.

  • Shreyas Iyer

Shreyas is a good young player who has often proved in the ODI format that there is a lot that he has to offer as a player. Therefore, it is a chance for him to get his test cap now and cement himself as a useful test player. He is a player who really knows how to be a team player and that will always keep him in good stead as he will be the kind of guy who plays according to the situation. He is a good player against spin and will take the NZ spinners on and keep them on their toes throughout. Shreyas needs to keep a tab on his temperament though as he has a history of throwing his wicket away

  • Shubhman Gill

After a great display by Rahul in the England away series, it would be difficult for him to be taken off the top. He is a player with a lot of potential and he proved this in the series against Australia where he dominated proceedings against a powerful attack in their own backyard. You could expect him to do the same here as well against a New Zealand attack. However, there is a predominant weakness against spinners which he will have to figure out before he goes out to bat. At Number 4, he may be needed to save an innings for his team or bat for longer periods. These are traits which he will have to discover in his batting.


The above three options are going to help the Indian team in the absence of Kohli in the first test. He will be back for the second test though where he will become the huge presence in the Indian team that he is.



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