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IND vs BAN: Who will Win Today’s Cricket Match Astrology?


IND vs BAN: India will face Bangladesh in the 2nd T20 game of the series on Thursday. Bangladesh surprisingly registered a win in the 1st T20 game and now India is looking to bounce back in the series. Will they be able to do so? Let’s find out which team have stronger chances to win today according to their stars.

A captain writes the fortune of his team and the fate of his rests on his shoulders.

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India Captain:

Name: Rohit Sharma
Birth Date: 29th April 1987
Moon Sign: Aries
Sun Sign: Taurus
Nakshatra: Krittika


Bangladesh Captain:

Name: Mushfiqur Rahim
Birth Date: 1st September 1988
Sun Sign: Virgo
Moon Sign: Aries
Nakshatra: Bharani


The Third House:

The 3rd house of Rohit Sharma’s Kundli is empty so it is not going to have any say in his performance. Mushfiqur Rahim, on the other hand, has Venus resting in his 3rd house. Venus in the third house going to increase his focus on achieving short term goals.


The Sixth House:

While Rohit Sharma has Ketu resting in his 6th house which is not considered favourable at all, Mushfiqur has mercury resting in his 6th house which also is not good news for the native. Mercury in the 6th house makes you take wrong decisions in the pressure situations during the games.



Rohit Sharma has Mars resting in his 2nd house which makes his a calculative risk-taker. It also means the risk is likely to pay the dividends in most of the cases. On the other hand, Mars is resting in the 12th house of Mushfiqur Rahim’s Kundli which is not a favourable condition for Bangladesh’s captain. It will mean he is likely to face a defeat because of a highly unlikely player.



Rohit Sharma has Mercury resting in his first house which is going to give him radiance to shine tonight. While we already know Mercury is resting in the 6th house of Mushfiqur Rahim which will create hindrances in his path to success tonight.


Verdict: With the Sun being the Ruling planet and Mercury resting in the first house, Rohit Sharma is expected to shine bright tonight despite facing some bumps on the road.

India is likely to win this game.

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