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How to Make Your Winning 11 on MyTeam 11 App


In this article, we give you our top tips on creating the perfect MyTeam 11 fantasy cricket team.

Indians relish playing cricket just as much as they enjoy watching it. ‘Gully cricket,’ differently known as backyard cricket or street cricket, has evolved into its style of play due to the versatility and comfort of playing the sport even in small spaces, particularly in the small and stuffed bylanes of Indian cities.

One of the primary by-products of the cricket rage in India is the rise of fantasy cricket. Fantasy cricket, as its name implies, refers to the kind of gaming known as fantasy sports. The idea of fantasy sports began in the United States, and it is only comparatively freshly that the genre started to get fame in India. Including over 100 million playing fantasy cricket now, this genre has taken India by passion.

How to make your winning 11 on MyTeam11 App?

As you know fantasy sports apps are growing in India right now. Including over 60+ fantasy sports apps on the market nowadays, Indians are having a thrill playing fantasy sports and winning interesting prizes. 

Heading the applications is MyTeam 11, one of the most famous fantasy sports app on the Indian esports market. Actually, In reality, MyTeam 11 is the second-largest market leader in India. 

With the support of 15 million users and counting, MyTeam 11 has made considerable progress after it commenced its service in 2016. 

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How to Create a Winning Team on MyTeam11 App?

To triumph in MyTeam 11 Fantasy Cricket, you will require 80% of hard practice and 20% of good karma. And Luck only serves when you put on some hard work into it, and prosperity won’t favor you oppositely.

Here are all the tips and skills to make your MyTeam11 apk fantasy team a winning team-

#1 Pick only the best players

Although it may be fascinating to choose your childhood cricketing icons or cricketers who hit striking sixes at the last World Cup, favoritism with respect to your team in fantasy cricket is possible to make you less than optimal results. Always choose the best players and neglect choosing only the ‘big names’ for your team. Create your fantasy cricket team such that there is a larger balance of all-rounders as this will help increase your possibilities of winning since all-rounders will win you points for both batting and bowling.

#2 Recognize your players and select your battles

This is a popular deadfall among users who are fresh to fantasy cricket. Attempt and avoid the lure to join every tournament and play every match. And so if money is concerned. So, we suggest you to accurately select the games you play in order to keep your financial losses to a dot. It is very frequently seen that users who do not have sufficient knowledge about a special player or their performance records end up selecting them, only to lose the game and money too in the agreement. People manage to spend all their money in the expectation of making a big win, but even the smallest mistake can be critical in fantasy cricket.

#3 Put a check on recent player performance

Fantasy cricket is a notable privilege to the adage “form is temporary, class is permanent.” One of the fundamental features of playing fantasy cricket is keeping oneself updated and notified on how players have been performing in recent matches rather than choosing them based on their professional records or a popular image. The points you receive are straight dependent on how your picked players perform on the real match day, so their form explains how they are likely to play.

#4 Choose players based on weather and pitch requirements

It may not appear that simple at first, but the weather of the place where a match is happening and the requirements of the pitch are portions that undeviatingly affect player performance. For example, certain players perform well on days with light or no wind, while others put on a magnificent performance even on windy days. Hence, it is necessary to select players based on their relative strengths.

#5 Be additional cautious while selecting your captain and vice-captain

The choices you make for your captain and vice-captain can make or shatter the game. In an online game like fantasy cricket, the choice of these two players is significant because they both earn 2x and 1.5x the points that other players earn. Hence, the selections you make about these two players could make all the variation between winning big and going home. Correctly selecting your captain and vice-captain will give you a vital advantage over your competitors.

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#6 Pick players on the cornerstone of cricket format

In short-overs games, such as T20 matches, the top-order batsmen play the highest number of balls. These players will support you score the maximum points from fewer ball deliveries. For extended-drawn games, such as One Day International matches, picking middle-order batsmen is a safe bet.

#7 Toss Statistics

Since after the update on the points system in Myteam 11, Toss is important for building the Fantasy Cricket Team.

After the toss, We have to identify which team will bat first and which team will bowl first.

#8 Technical Research

The initial and leading thing after choosing a match is to get and jot down all the details regarding the match. It’s the trick by which you can make the best team. Get all the features like – Playing 11, Pitch Report, Batting order, prior Bowlers, Players Form, and all the things regarding it. Tournament/ Series cases yes, it is also a must factor as the team combination, as well as the prior player, depends on it. Acquiring Player’s up-to-date form is necessary as it gives you a hint so for it you can research scoring sites.

#9 Specialist Advice

As Multiple users get into Excitement and they choose their favorite players or favorite teams to play in their team also pick their favorite Players as Captain and Vice-Captain. It ends in loss maximum times. Don’t go with your sentiments in fantasy sports it can ruin your practical decisions as per your Research. Surely, you can go with Senses but don’t continue on your emotions.

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#10 Check Out MyTeam 11 Playing Conditions

  • The captain and vice-captain you pick for your team are granted 2x and 1.5x points of the primary total they score. Still, in the case of the subtractions, the points of your captain are subtracted as 2x only. The identical is suitable in the case of a vice-captain.
  • Assume a replacement substitutes any on-field player, in any case, then the replacement will not be awarded any points for his/her part on the field. Though in case a player is announced as a Concussion Substitute, then the player shall be awarded (2) points for appearing on the field along with the points granted on the basis of on-field performance.
  • If any on-field player is shifted in the middle of the series or game or already scheduled update, then such modification shall not be displayed in the MyTeam 11 roster quickly. The exchange might be pondered from the next scheduled update.
  • We utilize several qualified specialists for getting info to promote point tabulation, and after a match has been labeled as finished, the points are assigned, the winners are revealed, and the winnings are shared, no additional changes will be made. Yet, until the situation of the game is not shown as completed and is shown to be “In Process,” the points are subjected to change.
  • The players are granted starting points on the basis of the statements addressed about their formation in the playing team for the game. In a situation wherein a player, after being involved in the team sheet for the match is inefficient to start the match, the player will not be awarded any points. Yet, the points shall be awarded to any player who serves as a replacement of such players who were involved in the team sheet but were inadequate to start the match and participate in the game.
  • If a match is being concluded through the D/L method and a team plays for 50 overs in the first innings, it is compulsory for the other team to play a minimum of 20 overs in ODIs and 5 Overs in T20s for the second innings.

Then what are you setting for? Get yourself ready with our helpful tips on how you can create your perfect MyTeam 11 fantasy cricket team, you are ready to go into battle! Remain informed, keep yourself updated, and make well-considered player choices. But most prominently, have entertainment.

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The MyTeam11 referral code, Tips, and Tricks on this page are based on games results and expert judgments. The goal of these Fantasy Cricket Tips is to reduce the risks by requisite strategies. You may need much preparation to come up with the best team. It is reliant on individual choices and maturity. As you know cricket is a game of doubt, If some tips and tricks do not work, then the author will have no accountability for the dangers faced. If you are not happy with the tips and tricks, then use your preference while choosing the team.

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