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How To Make Your Winning 11 on PlayerzPot App


Fantasy cricket has become the most preferred and uppermost-rated fantasy sport for Indians today as regular cricket matches. Engaging in fantasy cricket league online is one of the regular exercises for them, and many personalities are making money while having fun. Fantasy sport like cricket began growing prevalence during the Indian T20 League seasons, and now, it spiked battle between many fantasy cricket apps with many changes and services for the users. 

Similarly, PlayerzPot is a Fantasy game gateway where you can apply your sports familiarity to earn some real cash prizes, guaranteed bonuses and wonderful cashback. This Playerzpot app is 100% Licensed and reliable. As we all desire to earn some real cash in part-time, therefore if you are a scholar, or doing the work and need to earn some extra cash you are in the right place. Playerzpot novel referral program helps you to begin playing games for free. So,

this ‘How to make Winning 11’ handbook is for those who are performing for the first time or regularly losing the games. We will provide you with the everyday team updates, headlines about players & feasible playing eleven which will help you to create your team.

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Playerzpot App Download – How to Create Winning 11 on PlayerzPot?

It’s never a mystery that fantasy portals have great and really improved to a completely distinct level in the sporting industry. Young people from every corner and edge of the country watch cricket. Amongst all the different fantasy sports, it emerges that game of cricket is the favourite one in India and also popular in the UK, after football. Fantasy portals such as Playerzpot enable us to earn money online.

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This amazing fantasy sports app allows individuals to deftly prophesy the results. Both talent and fate are required and the app itself provides you with a great possibility to be in control of the game.

Players can apply their thoughts and believe their senses to take a game on the right track. In the Playerzpot fantasy program, there are plenty of competitions and games to choose from based on the sort of game you want to play. It also provides you to conquer cash prizes.

User has all the independence to pick whomever he/she aspires onboard viewing different factors. The most important element in this is decision making. It will possess a necessary impact on the game you choose your preferred players to play.

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How to make your winning 11 on PlayerzPot App

Do you require to create the best team in the Playerzpot app or in any fantasy app? If you truly desire to build the best team in PlayerzPot and win real cash try these ideas. We will show you how can you build the most expert team for this app. Here are amazing points you can use to do so.


Fortitude and determination is the solution to success. One requires to be calm fairly to do a comprehensive analysis about everything. Just use your experience to do remarkable research and you can catch a stronger team compared to others.

Let it be teams, place, the current form of players – these parts could help you in choosing the right team. The most valuable knowledge you should assemble includes several factors. In the beginning, you should be fully informed of statistics about players’ recent performances.

Next, you should determine how the wicket works. For example, if it’s a dirty pitch, it is a heaven for the spinners. The pitch enables the ball to seize well on the pitch. It produces enough turn as opposed to other wickets.


  • To build the team, you require to choose a minimum of 3 & a maximum of 6 batsmen.
  • The determination of fetching more or fewer batsmen depends on the Pitch. If the pitch is batting favourable then choose 4 – 6 batsmen & if the pitch is bowling favourable, pick 3 batsmen.
  • Choose the players which are in form by studying at the previous records.
  • Avoid choosing both the openers from the same team. Choose one from each team.
  • Select the batsmen who are a bowler also. This will support scoring more points.
  • Choose the batsmen in sequence from each team. Select one opener then 3rd batsmen from every team. The remaining would be All-rounders and bowlers.
  • Choose the batsmen on the basis of the team performance don’t rely on one team. If both the squads are performing excellently in the list then choose 2 batsmen from respective teams, if only one team is functioning well, then choose more from that squad and the remaining from the other team.


  • To build the team, you require to select a minimum of 3 & a maximum of 6 bowlers.
  • The selection of taking more or fewer bowlers depends upon the Pitch. If the pitch is Bowling pitch pick 4 – 6 bowlers, For Batting Pitch choose 3 bowlers.
  • Choose 2 bowlers from each team, don’t rely on one team.
  • Choose at least one death bowler from each team.
  • Pick at least one spinner from each team.
  • Do not choose the part-time bowlers who have a good economy rate but don’t get wickets.


  • To form the team, you necessitate choosing a minimum of 1 & a maximum of 4 All-rounders.
  • Choose at least 2 All-rounders, one from each squad and max 4 as all-rounders score from bat and bowl both.
  • Don’t choose the all-rounder who is just great at batting. Pick the one who is good in bat and bowl both.
  • Make certain at least one Allrounder is Captain or Vice-captain.


  • To build the team, you require to pick a minimum of 1 & a maximum of 4 Wicket Keeper.
  • Wicket Keepers are impressive winning players as they can score from the bat and keeping too.
  • Pick the keeper who is excellent at keeping and batting too and always get a turn to bat.


  • Choice of Captain and Vice-captain can turn the whole game as Captain receives 2 x points and Vice-captain gets 1.5 x points, so pick it sensibly.
  • Choose at least 1 All-rounder for Captain or Vice-captain as they can get you to the highest score from both batting and bowling, they can get maximum points.
  • Do not select bowlers as Captain. Yet you can choose good bowlers as captain.
  • If it is a pitch for batting then choose batsmen from both squads as a Captain and Vice-captain.
  • Avoid selecting the batsmen who scored well in the previous match, possibilities are less that he will play again.
  • Do not choose the Captain and Vice-captain from the identical team as their possibilities are considerably less than 2 players are doing well from the same team.


Place your sentiments aside while choosing your best eleven on Playerzpot apk download. It is suggested not to be emotional about your beloved player. Most fantasy cricket users make this simple error by choosing their team by viewing the player’s reputation and not analysing their current form. Don’t recite the same error. 

Review the players’ past accomplishments on the pitch being played on and their present form before choosing them for the team. Their status doesn’t value while their present form is. And yes the reputation adds an additional point if the player’s present form is good. Carefully observe this rule for setting the winning probabilities in your favour. 


Winning at fantasy cricket competitions needs experience, patience and constancy. You need to set your research in place before you add your solid money on fantasy cricket in series to earn real cash. We provide an easy method of offering virtual games and then picking the winners based on their personal performances. As explained above, a fantasy player receives some points based on his perception of players and their remarkable performances in real matches. This is fit beyond all gaming versions, be it Custom Contests or Cash Leagues.

Moreover, there are a particular number of obligatory requirements in a league. Benevolently note that you would be ready to win a prize only if you come to that section. It is hence that we recommend you play free Contests on a daily basis so that you can determine and develop through the sport like a pro. And assuredly, you may continually take your succeeding step by playing paid Leagues to win BIG.

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