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How to Make Your Winning 11 on Fan Fight App


In today’s era, everyone recognises the importance of online fantasy cricket and how it has grown and still growing and become one of the most notable elements not just in India but the globe over. Fantasy sport like cricket is primarily an online game where you build a virtual team from a group of cricketers and earn points in accordance with their performances in a match. Staying aware of a few easy tips and tricks is the key to winning sports or the league. The best gaming tips we exchange here will assist you to learn how to progress team preference in the best possible way.

As you know cricket is praised in India and the fantasy version of it has led to making a huge impression. Every single sport over in the country is a cricket scholar and they have their impression on every make a player should likely make. To compile this, most of the devotees in India are virtual coaches. One stage that has given a moment for the ardent fans is Fan Fight.

Fan Fight is one of India’s most accurate fantasy sports gateways, which, at no point has run to garner over 4 million fantasy users. Hereabouts, your understanding of the sport helps you win big every day.

On this amazing platform, you are allowed to pick an available sport of your choice, pick a fixture, build your fantasy teams, compete against the most enthusiastic fantasy players & win cash every day. After the game starts, your preferred players help you win points based on their real-time performances. Eager to win? Enrol Fan Fight now. Fantasy games here comes to a whole different level.

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How to Create a Winning Team on Fan Fight?

On FanFoight you get to select your best XI, play against other fantasy players & win big cash every day. Momentarily Online Fantasy Cricket is played on a huge scale & Fan Fight absolutely has played a major role in its exponential rise. Here is a quick glance at how to start on FanFight:

Pick a Match

An enormous list of fixtures is renewed on Fan Fight’s dynamic game centre. You can choose cricket as a sport & then pick a fixture you desire to join.

Choose a contest

Join an online contest to win real money. Tap on the fixture & choose a contest from the many listed out.

Build your 11-man team

This is where your cricket gaming knowledge chip in. Utilize the 100 allotted credits to choose your best XI.

Follow your fantasy score

Monitor how your chosen players are playing and track your fantasy score. The scores are visible immediately.

Withdraw your winning money

The ultimate score, rank & winnings will be updated to you after the game is finished.  If you are lucky enough and your final score allows you cash, the winnings will reveal in your FanFight wallets. You can easily withdraw this amount.


Creating a Winning Team – Quick Glance

To select your team on Fan Fight follow these steps:

Choosing a Fixture

Choose your 11 player team using the 100 shared credits. Your familiarity with cricket will help you pick the right combinations.

These are the three protocols that you need to adhere to:

  • You have to choose a minimum of 3 batsmen. The maximum limit is 5.
  • Try to choose 3-4 bowlers.
  • In the case of all-rounders, 1 is the minimum & 3, the maximum.

Picking your captain & vice-captain

From the number of 11 players you like, a captain & a vice-captain also have to be selected. Why?

A good captain will earn you 2X the points scored by that player & the other hand vice-captain will earn you 1.5X points scored by your preferred player.

Maintaining a Team

The time limit for cricket is the match-start time. The timer reaches 0 before the initial delivery is done. Your captain, vice-captain & player formations can be changed before the deadline.

Make certain you stay updated with the newest news, changes & about the in-form players. These parts can help you win big on Fan Fight.

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How to Make Your Winning Team on Fan Fight App

As discussed above, acquiring a fantasy cricket game or league is not as easy as some might think. Certainly, you can earn small rewards by choosing a few in-form players and then moving it to destiny. But, if you desire to win big then you require to put in the effort and check out the finer details to pick the team respectively. It is all regarding choosing the perfect 11 players for that appropriate match who have the best chance of performing well and in turn growing your points tally. Below are some of the tips that you should surely use while building your team.

Compare Player Performance

The initial thing you require to check is whether a player has been in form in the recent games or not. You should not choose a player simply because he has been a good player a few months back. Modern performances and form matter here higher than a player’s career record, because your earnings will depend on the performance in a one-off match. Yet, if it is a league that you are choosing the team for, then go for class players as they are intended to perform better in the long run.

Weather and Pitch Report

Examining reports for weather and of pitch is a process that many players do not give attention to and so end up not choosing the right fantasy XI. If it is a dull and dry pitch and an afternoon game, you should choose more spinners in your team preferably than a swing bowler. Likewise, if it is a pitch like the one in Wankhede, power hitters and swing bowlers should get a position in your team. It is all regarding working with an approach of “horses for courses”.

Picking Top Order Batsmen

Choosing top form batsmen is kind of the positive-shot trick of winning big in fantasy cricket, particularly in T20s. As they make to face the most number of deliveries, it is barely reasonable to expect them to score big runs and the way most teams are outlined up these days, the top three are the stablest batsmen in the team. In conclusion, the possibility of them scoring big runs is much higher than usual.

Preferring Captain and Vice-Captain

Always try to pick the right captain and vice-captain. These two choices can really be the difference between winning and losing the game or the league. The leader of each fantasy XI gets 2x points and similarly, the vice-captain gets 1.5x points, therefore if you succeed to choose the two best players of the game as your captain and vice-captain, it will be very hard for anyone to beat you from that position.

Note: When you choose a team for a precise match, you require to be proactive in every way. Check out all the updates and last-minute changes in the team to choose the right squad. Proceed through these latest fantasy cricket tips to ensure that you win big.

Toss and Making Last-minute Variations

You just have a short window to perform any last-minute revisions according to the toss so it is very important that you stay tuned to check the toss result. as early as the final XI is published by the teams, you can perform the necessary changes, if needed, and leave the players you might have chosen but are not in the playing XI.

Creating Multiple Teams

A neglected but effective ultimate fantasy cricket tip -Each player should build multiple teams to improve the probability of winning more. Yet if you succumb to one contest, you may end up winning big in the different contests with another team. As there is no lack of contests in Fan Fight, you can forever go for the creation of multiple teams.

Newest Updates and Details About the Teams

Watch out for all the reports that the teams are coming out with. Despite the replacement of a coach has an influence on the playing XI of the squad, therefore be informed of these changes.

Reviewing the Latest News About the Players (Injury, State, etc.)

Injury news updates about players are extremely important in guiding you to pick the right playing XI. Likewise, if there is a shift in the batting position of a player, you should be knowledgeable of it as the key to winning large is by picking the top order batsmen in your squad 60% of players in your fantasy XI should be perfectly top-order batsmen.

Picking the Right Sequence of Batsmen, Bowlers, WK, and Fielders

Because you require to pick at least one player from all the categories, it is necessary to pick carefully. Through top-order batsmen, we do not imply that they have to be decent batsmen, it could be any player who bats at the peak. The absolute method to go about it is by choosing all-rounders who strike in the top 4 so that you get the highest points, thanks to their all-around performances. The equivalent goes for wicketkeepers, who are good in batting skills too and can get points by both batting and wicketkeeper.

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