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Fan2Play App Review, Offers, Best Leagues & Download Link


In this report, you will discover out all the details about a new fantasy app. Fan2play is an online fantasy game platform for all fantasy professionals, developed with the purpose to redefine the experience of fantasy sports and offering a new and different way of playing and enjoying fantasy sports. Hereabouts in this fantasy app, users can pick players on the basis of their experience and confront each other. The most excellent speciality of this app is that a player doesn’t require to bother about picking whole playing Xi. Instead, you can build your team by choosing 2,3 and 4 players, which you think can play well, and then you are all settled to take the challenge. This fantasy program offers two varieties of fantasy sports, which are cricket and football.

Fan2play app peculiarities:

  • Offers to make a team by choosing 2 or 3 players only.
  • Lowest platform fees.
  • 24*7 hours customer support.
  • 300K plus trusted users.

How to signup at Fan2play:

  • First, download the app.
  • Now click on “Invited by friend? Enter Code”.
  • Insert the invitation code “FREEROLL” (With this refer code you will get a Free Bonus in Wallet + 1 free entry league)
  • Now provide details like “Mobile Number”, “Email Address”, “Password”.
  • Hit on the “JOIN FAN2PLAY” button.
  • Choose the sport you are fascinated in and click on next.

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How to play at Fan2play app:

dissimilar to any other fantasy app in the business here you can have the usual 11-player team idea where you require to select all players according to your knowledge. Another alternative is to choose 2-3-4 players whom you believe are going to play well and challenge other players like you. Obey the below-mentioned info to understand both concepts better.

Classic 11-player fantasy:

In this type of Fantasy Cricket game, you require to choose the top 11 players who can be strongly relied upon to score points for your team with their particular performances in all three fields of batting, bowling, and fielding. You must start choosing at least 3 or more batsmen, accompanied by 3 or more bowlers, a few all-rounders, and individual or more wicket-keepers. You necessity change the order based on the type of squads that are playing, the gaming conditions (whether it is batting beneficial or bowling). After you have chosen your playing 11, the significant part is to determine the excellent captain and vice-captain as they give you 2x and 1.5x points apiece.

1-1 Challenge:

1 vs 1 also known as (Head to Head) Challenge Fantasy offers two users to pick their squads and challenge each other by one user succeeding the challenge and the payment. Hereabouts you can build your team with just 2 or 3 or 4 Players. You are not bounded to any kind of Credit Limits, No Player Type Limits, simply prefer the players you think will do well for you in competition and secure one of them the captain which will give 2x points and begin challenging others and win money.

How to Download Fan2Play App

After knowing what the Fan2Play app is all about, let’s concentrate on how you can download Fan2Play and start playing. 

The Fan2play supports both iOS and Android.

How to get the Fan2play app for Android:

  • Visit here Download Fan2Play
  • Now click on the button that says download our Android app.
  • Soon the downloading will start automatically.

Scan & download on your smartphone:

  • Visit the official website of Fan2play.
  • Scan the QR Code to download the app.
  • After that, you will receive the link to the Download page on your Smartphone and you can download the application.

Concluding but not limited to, there’s a different method to download the app. Just go to and insert your mobile number and click “get app link”. Fan2Play will then assign a download link as an SMS to your phone.

How to Download Fan2Play for iOS

  • Getting the Application for iOS users is much more comfortable than for Android users.
  • Juts open Appstore on your iPhone
  • Look for Fan2Play and click on Install.
  • You can also click on the Download button on the iOS app tab on the site and it will immediately open the application on App Store.

Fan2Play Referral Code

We always love a sign-up bonus, right? 

If you prefer receiving that extra bit of free money to play then we have some great news for you.

Fan2Play proposes Rs.20 Sign-up Bonus. 

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Note: This is a one-time-only bonus that can be utilised to play special 1 vs 1 challenge or join standard 11-player fantasy contests. You can utilise a 100% bonus and after 14 days, the bonus lapses.

Heed the steps to use Fan2play Referral Code and declare your sign-up bonus.

  • Initial, download the latest apk of Fan2Play.
  • Now Install the app and open it.
  • Following, click On Invited By Friend?
  • Fan2play referral code
  • Now, enter the referral code.
  • After that Sign up for the app with your mobile number and email id.
  • YAY! Your sign-up bonus of Rs.20 will be recognised in your wallet.

How to deposit money at Fan2play:

  • You need to click on the wallet option at the top left corner.
  • Immediately click on the “Add Cash” button.
  • Insert the amount you want to add.
  • You will get only one mode of payment is there which is Paytm.

How to withdraw money from Fan2play:

  • Remember that before withdrawing money first a user needs to update his KYC.
  • Hit more options at the bottom right corner.
  • After that click on “Update Your KYC”.
  • Here verify your details like “Email, Mobile, PAN NO*, Bank Account”.
  • It will demand a time of 5 to7 days to verify your details.
  • After your details getting verified, you can hit on the wallet icon on the home page.
  • The least withdrawal limit is 100 so make certain you should have more than 100 in your wallet
  • Now click on the withdraw button.
  • A user is allowed a maximum of 3 withdrawal requests in a day.
  • Every withdrawal request is concocted within 2-3 working days.

Refer & Earn program:

  • This Business shall help new users to invite their friends and families to participate in Fan2Play.
  • After an existing user encourages any of his friends or family, he shall receive a Referral bonus of Rs. 10.00 when the referred user takes part in the first paid game.
  • Every single user can invite a highest of 5 friends/family members.
  • For instance, if User A opens his account he shall quickly receive a Signing Bonus of Rs. 25.00.
  • So if he summons 5 more companions/family and they execute their first paid game, then his/her total wallet surplus shall be (25 + 10*5 = Rs 75.00).

Advantages and Disadvantages

Let us see some of the pros and cons of playing fantasy sports on the Fan2Play app: 

Benefits and Limitations

Following up on our Fan2Play app review is the advantages and disadvantages of Fan2Play. Let us discuss some of the pros and cons of playing fantasy sports on the Fan2Play app: 

Benefits of Fan2Play

  1. Flexibility:

Fan2Play enables users to build a fantasy team of 2,3, or 4 players. There is no need to spend time and power on your precise 11 as you can swiftly pick a few of your favourite players and play. 

  1. Get 100% Bonus and Free Entry Contests:

Some other fantasy apps do not allow free entry contests in return for a cash prize. But, Fan2Play is different. 

You can join a game for Rs.0 and still gain cash prizes! Wonderful, right? 

One more excellent feature of the app is that professionals can use a 100% sign-up bonus to enter the contest (some fantasy apps only allow you to use only some % of your bonus to join contests). 

  1. Higher Possibilities of Winning

Fan2play grants you a 50% probability of winning every particular time, which is much higher than any other platform. If you are a novice to the fantasy gaming world, you will definitely enjoy playing on Fan2Play. 

  1. Lowest Credit Score

It gives the most profound credit score for all the players, presenting it very uncomplicated to build a team within 100 credits. 

  1. Customer Support

The app declares to have 24×7 customer support who will acknowledge your KYC or questions associated with withdrawals across their email and social handles

Drawbacks of Fan2Play

  1. Insufficient number of Sports

While several fantasy apps offer games like Kabaddi, BasketBall, BaseBall, etc, aside from Cricket and Football, Fan2Play only proposes Cricket and Football. 

A restricted number of sports indicates that many sports lovers might not find their perfect game to play on Fan2Play. 

  1. User-Interface

Fan2Play app is lacking in by not having a clean user interface. The text on the fantasy app is too big for tiny screens and their app lacks an expert touch. 

Not a deal-breaker though. 

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