3 Patti Rules And Tricks To Win Big

Updated on: Jun 23, 2021 11:32 am IST

  • 3 Patti Rules

    3 Patti Rules: In India, there is no other famous card game like 3 patti. 3 patti has upgraded in the past years and now instead of playing on game credits you can earn real cash; yes, real cash for free. Many 3 patti games have been released over the years; these games have started involving real money.

    3 Patti Rules

    Teen patti game gives you some starting bonus cash that you can’t withdraw but can use to play matches. It will be the earned money from matches, that you can withdraw via Paytm to your bank account. To earn these rewards, you will first need to win a game. Winning a game is not easy and is risky when the game involves a lot of money. To ensure that you win the match just follow some simple tricks and earn your rewards, but kindly check out the rules and how to play the game first.

    3 Patti Rules
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    3 patti is a simple game but every game has a set of rules. The goal is to have a top 3 hand before the game ends. You need to have three hands and you need to arrange them into sets with a large number of points. The bigger the cards the better chance of winning. When the game ends, the points will be counted and accounted for. The player with the highest points wins.

    Tricks To Win Teen Patti

    These tricks would help you throughout the time you play teen Patti so hear closely. Always place small bets: Start from low, once you have practiced enough head for the high leagues. Do not be greedy: Yes, the money is free but don’t bet all the money you have; have patience and soon you might be rich. Don’t get emotional: Don’t be sad if you lost, it’s just part of the game; just keep on trying and you would get your reward. Practice makes perfect: Just keep on practicing on small bets and improve your skills. Now, head on warrior, and win free cash by playing teen patti.


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