Teen Patti Rules & Teen Patti Sequence Explained

Updated on: Jun 8, 2021 5:04 pm IST

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    Teen Patti Rules: It is a popular domestic gambling card game that originated in India and is now popular throughout Southeast Asia. With over six million monthly active players globally, it is India’s one of most popular games. To win at this engrossing game, you’ll need both strategy and chance! The game is a simplified version of three-card poker known as ‘flash’ or ‘flush.’

    Teen Patti Download

    Teen Patti is a game that can be played on both mobile devices and PCs. For android, all you have to do is download your choice of Teen Patti APK from the Google Play Store and follow the instructions to install it on your mobile. 

    Teen Patti Download

    Step 1: For PC, get Andy, an Android emulator, launch it by double-clicking the installer file you just downloaded.

    Step 2: Open it and follow the instructions to finish the sign-up process and log in with your Google Play account.

    Step 3: Open the Google Play Store app and search for Teen Patti – Indian Poker to download using its search engine.

    Step 4: Locate Teen Patti – Indian Poker and begin the setup.

    Step 5: Start the game and you can now play it on your computer with a mouse, keyboard, or even your touch screen. 

    Teen Patti Rules

    Everyone puts their minimal bet into the pot, which is a pool of money in the middle of the table that will be won by one of the players. The cards are dealt with one at a time

    by the dealer until everyone has three. Following that, the players wager on who has the best three-card hand. Before betting, each player can either peek at their three-card hand (playing shown) or put their cards face down on the table (playing hidden).

    Teen Patti Sequence

    The highest three cards are three aces, while the lowest three cards are three twos. Three cards of the same suit in a straight flush (pure sequence). From highest (defined by the highest card in the sequence) to lowest (defined by the lowest card in the sequence), the order is A-K-Q, A-2-3, K-Q-J, Q-J-10, and so on down to 4-3-2.

    Online Teen Patti

    There are many sites and apps wherein you can try your luck and play online Teen Patti.

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