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| On May 13, 2022 9:00 AM IST

Call of Duty Mobile APK – May 2022


Call of Duty Mobile APK: A First Person Shooter game with different modes of gameplay. However, the gameplay attracts players’ attention with its rich gaming experience. The different modes included maps, weapons, outfits, and gadgets, etc. In addition, there are some new elements added to the game like new maps, new weapons, and new modes which players can enjoy the game. So, players will take time to grasp the mechanism of weapons in different matches. First, players will spend most of the time in tutorial levels. They will guide regarding weapons and gadgets usage inside the game. Moreover, players will get to know the controls and differences between Auto mode shooting and Normal mode shooting.

Call of Duty Mobile APK

In Call of Duty Mobile, players participate in a mode called Team Deathmatch. It is a Hack version, so you can easily win all matches in deathmatch mode using some tricks while playing the game. At the same, the goal of this mode is easy to understand and appears on the screen. Which team kills more will win the match.

This mode is also known as skirmishes mode because the gameplay completed quickly and easily. Players can coordinate attacks on enemy locations by exploring them. Players can dagger enemies at their site using tactics. In this version, there are other PVP modes available. Each mode has its unique features and takes time to experience or gameplay. New modes will be added for each update. To play the Call of Duty APK version, you need to delete the old version on your mobile. Then install the MOD version. For the smooth running of the application, download the game of more than 200 MB or change settings inside the game.


  1. Unlocked Characters
  2. Root not required
  3. Aimbot
  4. Auto-Reloading
  5. Call of Duty points with unlimited access
  6. Anti-Ban features
  7. Online modes
  8. Tips and Tricks
  9. Upgraded weapons
  10. Drones


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