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Published on: Aug 31, 2022 11:51 pm IST|Updated on: Aug 31, 2022 11:51 pm IST

Callbreak Multiplayer

Callbreak Multiplayer: Call Break Online (Lakdi, Lakadi) is a strategy and skill-based card game, similar to Spades. The game is popular in Asia, and millions of players downloaded the game. Callbreak delivers a sort of gameplay like classic 5 rounds, VIP limited time 1 round, multiple times 3 rounds, offline games, etc.

It is a free online multiplayer card game that provides free private games and supports customized rounds. The game is good for friends and family to enjoy. The game has precise statistics to record the highlight moments of your gameplay. Different gameplay belongs to different bases. The data  calculated individually, and affluent data can make you who are captivated by math have constant challenges.

Callbreak Multiplayer Features

  1. Free download, free play. Daily online rewards and many other methods to get a large number of free chips.
  2. No need to register or log in to play, you can switch accounts between Facebook and tourist at will. Log in to receive lavish rewards.
  3. Stunning graphics, and appropriate rules, so you can be the winner easily.
  4. While playing cards, you can also try slot games. You play the card to win chips, but also have the opportunity to win great rewards.
  5. Happy gaming group, you can create a private room with your friends, a variety of rules, independent customization, and spend a good quality time together.
  6. Decadent countenance animation, chatting freely with the world’s poker buddies.
  7. It’s okay to be newer! You can learn skills from the top players on the list to improve your skills.
  8. Match holding from time to time to make you in the arena stand out.
  9. For trial features, such as See Cards, you can have a three-day free trial to unlock it.

Localized name of the game:

  1. Spades (in the western world)
  2. Callbreak, Call bridge (in Nepal)
  3. Lakdi, Lakadi (in India)
  4. Ghochi, Tash ka game
  5. Gulli, 29 Patti game, Call break multiplayer


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