Carrom Striker: All the striker-related carrom rules you should know

Updated on: Mar 17, 2023 4:06 pm IST

Carrom is a sought-after indoor tabletop game in India. People worldwide enjoy this game during social events with their family or friends. It is a two or four-player game. 

Carrom board consists of three pieces:

  • 9 white pieces
  • 9 black pieces
  • 1 red queen
  • Striker

Striker is the most crucial ingredient of whole carrom gameplay. There are many rules and strategies regarding strikers that you should know; otherwise, you will lose your winning battle. This post will tell you about the striker-related carrom rules.

About the Striker

Striker is the heaviest element from other carrom coins and the queen across the carrom game. Its sole purpose is to strike carrom coins and the queen for pocketing them.

Striker does not make use of ivory or metal, but rather is built with hard plastic, and its weight is approximately 15 grams.

Common Rules of Striker in Carrom Game

Striker is a term used to describe striking or flicking with only the index finger. It flicks with the support of the thumb and index finger for hitting a shot in both the front and back. Without following some general rules, you may fall back on fouls and lose your points.

During Breaking

Carrom starts by winning the toss. The winner gets a chance to begin the game by striking a shot and breaking the circle in the middle. If a striker touches the carrom members, it breaks the center.

Improper stroke or pocket the striker in the pocket does not offer you any penalty, but you may lose your turn.

During the Game

As a striker, there are many conditions you should know beforehand in carom.

  • When a striker lands on a carrom coin, remove the striker without disturbing any other coins.
  • If you remove a striker from the upper face of a coin and, as a result, the coin is pocketed, then it will be considered pocketed.
  • If a carrom coin rests on a striker, lift the coin from its original position and rest it to the extent possible.
  • If a striker sits at the edge of a pocket and, while removing it, goes inside the pocket, this will incur a foul.

Rules of a Striker in Carrom Game and Dues

Players must commit a foul if they do such activities:

  • Pocketing the striker. In this case, players have to submit one carrom coin as a due or penalty coin in the center of the board.
  • incorrectly positioned the striker while taking a shot.

Conditions of Foul using a Striker

  • Pocketing the striker.
  • Pocketing the striker with your opponent’s coins
  • Pocketing the striker, your coin, and your opponent’s coin. 


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