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| On Jun 28, 2021 8:46 AM IST

Free Fire Name: Character Abilities, Cost, And Backstories


Free Fire Name: The Free Fire game is special in many ways to other RPG and battle royale games. It features many types of in-game characters that possess different abilities and backstories; they also vary in terms of pricing. These characters are unique in every way and are ready to fight by your side on the field. These characters are different from each other.

Free Fire Name and Stories


It would take some time to describe all the various characters in the Free Fire game.  However, some of the sideline character’s backstories are irrelevant, so we have listed only the most important characters from this saga.


Kelly was having a good life with her friends in school, but she was kidnapped by Paloma and forced to survive and fight to the death on the island of Free Fire arena- Bermuda. She loves running and has the ability to dash.


Maxim is a speed eater and has the ability of gluttony. He is the brother of Misha, who was kidnapped along with Kelly. He also has a crush on Kelly and rushed to her rescue, the second he heard the news of her kidnapping.


She is one of the richest people in the world and has enough fans to fill up an entire stadium. She cares for her friends and family above everything. Hence, she teams up with Maxim to save both Kelly and Misha.


Misha is an extremely talented racer. She is also known as the Racequeen for her exceptional skills in racing. She tagged along with Maxim on his adventure on Bermuda island. Her racing skills grant her the ability of Afterburner.

These friends are the main protagonists of the story. Do you have a favorite among them? You are welcome to mention it in the comments section. Don’t be shy…


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