How to become a crorepati in Dream 11 this IPL 2023?

Published on: Apr 18, 2023 1:16 am IST|Updated on: Apr 18, 2023 1:16 am IST

The 16th season of the Tata IPL 2023 has started, so the significance of the Dream 11 fantasy sports app has intensified among many cricket fans. They are ready to create their own top-class Dream 11 teams of players and are set to go for earning crores of rupees in this app.

If you would like to add crores of rupees to your account, the Dream 11 app gives you an opportunity in this IPL 2023 season to make the most. So, why are you waiting? Make your team 11 and get into fierce competition to be a crorepati in 2023. This guide will be useful in this subject, so please read it all the way through. 

About Dream 11 App

The Dream 11 app is a fantasy sports platform that helps you play multiple fantasy sports, including cricket, basketball, football, and others. But it is known among cricket fans for playing cricket.

Therefore, if you have hardcore cricket knowledge, expertise, and experience, this Dream 11 lets you become a crorepati by just making your own Dream 11 team during the matches.

How to Enter Contests of Crores Worth in Dream 11?

It is convenient to work to come in Dream 11 contests of having crores worth by following these steps.

  • Download the Dream 11 app for your mobile or desktop by going through your browser to You can download by entering your mobile number and getting an SMS with a download link or scanning the QR code on the official website.
  • Thereafter, complete your registration by clicking on the Sign-up and Registration button and entering your mobile number to create your own Dream 11 account.
  • After inserting your mobile number, a one-time password will be sent to your registered number for further verification. Congratulations! Your account has been opened.
  • Now pick a match and start setting up your own Dream 11 team from both competing teams. If your chosen players perform well, you can become a crorepati.

Become a Crorepati with Your Cricketing Skill and Knowledge

  • Once your Dream 11 has been created, begin to choose the matches available on the screen.
  • Leverage your cricketing expertise and knowledge and craft the best Dream 11 team from the lists of players from both teams in that match.
  • Join the contests by selecting the best Dream 11 team, and if your team performs better than others, you could be a millionaire or crorepati even playing a match.

How to Create a Dream 11 Team

  • You have to create your own Dream 11 team by choosing 11 players from both teams. It should have at least 1 wicketkeeper, 2 to 5 batsmen, 2 to 4 all-rounders, and 1 to 5 bowlers.
  • Remember in your mind the condition of the pitch on the day of the match when selecting batters and bowlers.




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