Indian Bus Simulator MOD APK – November 2021

Published on: Nov 9, 2021 8:31 pm IST|Updated on: Nov 11, 2021 1:50 pm IST

Indian Bus Simulator

us Simulator MOD APK: The most popular Indian buses in India in the Indian Bus Simulator game. Indian bus used for public transportation from village to city or city to village. Similarly, the Luxury bus used as a Tourist Bus to travel from one state to another state. So, here players can choose different game styles and different buses to test their driving skills as pro bus driver. Try to become a pro bus driver of Simulation game and feel like driving a real bus. If you’re crazy about playing the game, then don’t waste time. Take a drive-by installing the game.

Indian Bus Simulator APK

Highbrow Interactive delivers an in-depth and rich simulator game that players can enjoy the game again and again. Moreover, the game offers a detailed simulation of bus driving. Indian Bus Simulator is an open-world game that focuses on the route connecting the South Indian cities of Bangalore and Chennai. However, the game features buses from State-run transport organizations of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. In the game, the design of the bus inspired by the real-time vehicles which are currently running on roads. Moreover, the buses are designed based on state and private services. You can change the seat upholstery, decals, wheels, engine variants, and transmission types. However, the buses also come in min, multi-axle, and single form factors.


In Indian Bus Simulator, you play has a driver – who begins the career without any money. You need to earn money by playing driver-for-hire jobs. However, the more money you earn and save, the quicker you will be able to start your own transport company. In this game, you can rent buses from your fleet and build your fleet. That’s how you can grow your transport empire. Buses are customized to add more features for passengers. Features like air-conditioners, blanket, pillow, charging point, personal TV, movies, snacks, GPS location tracking etc. Features of Free Bus Simulator comprises with realistic control, 3D environment, challenging missions, and multiple camera options.

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Indian Volvo Bus Simulator Game Download

This game provides a real and cool graphics feature to users, and there is good navigation of all properties. Moreover, this game has many routes to pick up the passengers and drop them at the destination. In this game, there is a map. Player can set the starting point, and destination points are Chennai, Bangalore, New Delhi, and Hyderabad. Moreover, player can earn money after completing the task, and earn money from tickets of the passengers. However, player can unlock different buses with help of rewards that you earn during the gameplay. You can use the steering to navigate the bus.

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Indian Truck MOD for Bus Simulator

Nissan Oil Tanker Truck: In this mode, players get a realistic truck and Jamuna Oil Tanker Truck Skin. The control system on this truck is very smooth. Speed, sound, and braking system are very good.

Optimus Prime Big Truck: In this mod, players get three animations, and they can open all the doors, load and unload the trailer. The controller of the truck is smooth, and the dashboard is premium in detail. The sound and breaking system are nice.

Hino Truck: The Hino Truck is the biggest compared to other trucks. In this game players can open the truck hood, and the remaining controllers are smooth.

Heavy Bus Simulator MOD APK

The game simulates the best routes and trips. Players need to play as a driver of the ride and make journeys. They need to overcome the challenges on the road by controlling the bus. The gameplay and controls are quite simple and easy. The game is simple, conquer all the routes and earn achievements. Become one of the best-qualified drivers. Steer your bus on different routes, and enjoy the magical journeys. The driver will follow the directions on the map. Complete the quests and earn high scores. Gradually pass and go to higher levels. You will unlock maps and other challenges. Drive on the roads surrounded by beautiful landscapes.

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