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MPL APK Download | Money Earning Apps on Android, iOS


MPL App : Money is an absolute necessity these days. Quick and easy ways to make money are popular pursuits. As you read this article, you will understand how you can earn this money simply by playing basic games with your friends and family every day.

MPL APK Download

Steps to MPL live download from www mpl live

MPL is not a play store app for smartphones. But it is easily available for iOS on the Apple app store. The following procedure helps you perform the installation:

  1. Open on your smartphone, tablet, or PC.
  2. Fill up the country code in the blank box on the homepage.
  3. After entering the mobile number on the website, click ‘Get Link SMS’.
  4. When you receive the link via SMS, tap to open the link in your browser.
  5. Tap MPL Apk download.
  6. Enable the application to be downloaded and installed on your smartphone or tablet.

MPL is an online social gaming platform where players can participate in various thrilling fantasy sports, mind refreshing games, and many more fun apps. The winners are awarded real cash prizes according to how they performed.

MPL App Download

After MPL app apk downlaod, you can play games in different categories and formats which makes it easy to fetch the games based on one’s interest. MPL gives you 60+ fun games to play on your mobile device at any time and from any place.

The ‘All Games’ Section

Once you’ve finished the credentials, go to the ‘All Games’ segment to see a rundown of all the games available. You will see all of the other games mentioned below, each of which has a different prize, duration, and entry fee.

The ‘My Tournaments’ Tab

The ‘My Tournaments’ tab helps you to keep track of all the games and tournaments you’ve completed. The ‘Leaderboards’ shows the global rankings of all MPL teams, as well as your rankings and other details. Finally, the ‘Wallet’ shows you the balance you’ve got and also has other choices.

MPL is offered by a Bangalore-based company that operates on Galactus Funware Technology Pvt. Ltd. Most interestingly, it serves only in India and Indonesia.  MPL is a member of the All-India Gaming Federation (AIGF) and defines the policies that govern the gaming industry in India. MPL is also a strategic partner of the Flipkart-owned company, PhonePe and provides easy access to players.

In terms of the interface, MPL is quite easy. When you first open it, you’ll be asked to enter a number that’s closely linked to PayTM and other bank accounts. After this, you have ‘Tokens,’ which are the number of times you will play a game according to MPL. As a sign-up bonus, you’ll normally get 20 to 40 tokens, which you can use to play a game and win points.

MPL Games List

  • Tournaments: Here, we must focus solely on the highest score rate before the final round. The player will enter competitions several times but only the best score of each player is counted for the final leaderboard calculation and you will be paid based on the amount of money you spend.
  • Fantasy sports: MPL offers its members the ability to form a critical community and invest in future live matches across this website. It’s a fantastic experience for players because they can invest in the player of their choice, and points are allocated to the team based on the chosen player’s real-time results. Cash prizes are awarded based on the final ranking.
  • One v/s one battle: Bubble Shooter, 8 Ball 3D Pool, Rummy, Fruit Chop, and other mind-bending games can be played online against a single opponent and you can collect money based on your investment. The best benefit is that we can get brain-sharpening games such as Chess, Quiz, Carrom, and many others, which provide students with a fantastic learning experience.

Win Money on MPL App

You must validate your ID if you withdraw more than INR 20.. You will, however, use your PAN card to validate your account. MPL users can also earn money by referring their friends. You can get a MPL referral bonus by inviting them to join MPL through your referral code, which has been given by MPL. So when your friend downloads the app through your referral code, you will be able to get a referral bonus of Rs.20 for each download.

Link to MPL Download

To sum it all up, MPL is a brilliant way to make money when playing games you like. One of the most enticing features of MPL is that it helps players practice the game and receive a variety of trials before investing or entering the actual game.  But they won’t be offered any cash prizes while playing for practice. It’s the best place to invite your friends in a group and have a lot of fun with your squad.

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