Speed Ludo Download: 5 Steps

Updated on: Jan 24, 2023 5:07 am IST

  • Speed Ludo Download

    Since time immemorial, one of the oldest card games has been Ludo. It is full of thrills and a community-based game because it allows two or four players.

    Now, a twist comes in this game with the setting of a speed, so it is called speed Ludo. Its rules and regulations are identical to those of its conventional type. The intriguing aspect is that Ludo has a specific ending period for its wrap-up.

    Only two to four players are allowed to play this strategic board game, Ludo. Their four tokens will move in accordance with what digit comes after a cube rollout. This game looks very interesting; I’d like to learn more about it. 

    How to Play a Speed Ludo? 

    As told earlier, a speed Ludo is more like its conventional counterparts, so the difference in its speed or timing has some modifications. Learn how to play for or win real money by playing speed ludo games online without any investment.

    • A whole game ends up using only 50 turns of a die.
    • Each player is given four pawns that are all the same color. All players receive an equal number of turns, and if the timer ends before their turns, they are able to leverage a grace period.
    • One can kill one’s opponent’s pawns and take the same score as the killed pawns in their pocket.
    • If three pawns are in the exact location, they are safe before any killing.
    • When a pawn returns home, their score is enhanced by 2x, 3x, 4x, and 5x, respectively, for the first, second, third, and fourth.
    • If a six is rolled on a die, a player may take one more turn. 
    • If either player’s four pawns converge to their home stations or the number of turns expires, the match is over.

    5 Steps to Download Speed Ludo Game

    Android and iOS, both operating systems, support the Ludo money-making game, Speed Ludo. Here are the five steps to downloading a Speed Ludo game for both platforms.

    For Android

    • Insert your mobile number if you have a desktop or laptop to obtain a download link by SMS.
    • When you receive the SMS, tap the link to open the.apk file. Tap the Install button if you are using a mobile device.
    • To access the file, tap. To install, click Visit Settings and click Allow from this source if you see a warning sign.
    • Enter your mobile number and the four-digit OTP to complete a full registration on the Ludo earning app.
    • Collect your welcome bonus and begin to play.

    For iOS

    • Go to an app store first.
    • Seek out words like “Lido earning apps.”
    • Then click the “Get” button.
    • Enter your mobile number and the 4-digit OTP to register on the rush Ludo.
    • Get your rewards as a welcome sign and start to play.




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