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IPL Fantasy League: 5 Sure Shot Strategies to Win Real Cash Online


The fantasy cricket business always gets a boom when IPL is around. However, the dynamics for 2020 might change courtesy of the novel Coronavirus which has put the entire human life on an abrupt halt. Things are not looking good as of now and the BCCI is still in disarray on when the tournament gets underway.

The original proposed schedule for the tournament to start was 29th March, but once the nationwide lockdown was imposed, the date was shifted till April 15th. However, the Indian Government has now prolonged the lockdown till May 3rd which automatically meant that the tournament will get a new date which is yet to be finalized.

How to play IPL Fantasy League Cricket

There is no major difference between the IPL Fantasy League and Dream11 fantasy cricket. Both have the same dynamics and the same points system. IPL Cricket fantasy league is a process of selecting 11 players in a virtual system from the two teams.

First, we will have a look at the IPL 2020 Fantasy Cricket rules which should be kept in mind while creating fantasy teams. The following rules should be taken into consideration;

  • At least one wicket-keeper, maximum of two
  • At least three batsmen, maximum of five
  • At least one all-rounder, maximum of three
  • At least three bowlers, maximum of five
  • At least one uncapped Indian player
  • Maximum of four overseas players
  • Not more than seven players from one IPL franchise

The aforementioned points are almost similar to what is provided by Dream11 Fantasy cricket prediction. However, point no 5 and 6 are something which is not followed in Dream11 fantasy cricket prediction.

IPL Fantasy cricket tips

Once you have gone through the basics of how to create an IPL Fantasy team, the net step is to create a team that can solemnly help you win big. Here, we will be focusing on 5 points which should be in effect while choosing players for IPL Fantasy League Cricket.

Strong Core

The amalgamation of knowledge and skill-set will help you guide through a good team for your IPL 2020 Fantasy Cricket team. Consider an example of Grand League and Small League in Dream11 Fantasy Cricket. To win both these league, one should ensure the team’s foundation is intact. How this can be examined? It is simple, the players who are consistent with their game should never be missed.

Pick Stalwarts

To play IPL Fantasy Cricket according to the Fantasy Cricket IPL 2020 rules, it is necessary to follow the guidelines. One of the IPL Fantasy League’s rule states that the combination of Indian and foreign players should be in 7:4 ratio favoring the Indian players.

Therefore, it becomes essential to focus on Indian players rather than opting for international stars in a fuss.

Pick Best Overseas Players

It is to be noted that in IPL Fantasy League the selection of overseas players is limited to only 4 players. Managing credit scores with some fruitful resource is the biggest challenge in this case. To settle a good team, one has to make wise decisions while choosing overseas players.

Going by the current form and making decisions with this aspect might come handy. Focusing on seven good Indian players along with 4 in-form overseas picks can be a considerable option.

Fill in All-rounders

The best IPL fantasy cricket tips are meant for the all-rounders. In T20s, all-rounders are as precious as diamonds given their ability to shine in both facets of the game. The IPL fantasy league gives the leverage of choosing a maximum of 3 all-rounders and it is better to make all three chances count.

Even in the Dream11 fantasy points system, the all-rounders are rated pretty high which makes them nothing less than an asset. Going by the current form and their reputation, it is better to fill all three available slots for all-rounders.

Captain and vice-captain selections are Vital

Last, but certainly not the least is the selection of Captain and Vice-captain in your fantasy team. While nominating a captain, the points earned by the captain multiplied by 2, whereas, while nominating a vice-captain, the points earned by him is multiplied by 1.5.

Therefore, the dynamics to play IPL fantasy cricket is completely changed and also the outcome. Therefore, one has to be very thoughtful while choosing a captain and vice-captain.

Free IPL Fantasy Cricket

Let us come to a conclusion now. The aforementioned steps will definitely help you to create a dynamic team that can help you win big. This is a sort of in-depth analysis of how to create IPL 2020 Fantasy Cricket team and how to play IPL fantasy league cricket.

But where to play IPL fantasy league? The answer is easy to this question. IPL Fantasy League offers its own user interface (UI). To get access of IPL Fantasy League and UI and to play IPL fantasy cricket, one has to navigate the page created by IPL for the same. In another way, you can simply search for ‘IPL Fantasy’ on your search engine and it will redirect you to the IPL Fantasy Cricket League page.

The IPL cricket Fantasy league usually opens 7-12 days prior to the opening game of the season and remains open till the tournament is over.

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