NBA Draft 2019 Preview, Key Players & Important Picks

Updated on: May 29, 2019 12:02 pm IST

One of the most sought after events in the world of basketball will be taking place on 20th June, as NBA Draft 2019 will shape up the futures of incoming stars and struggling franchises for years to come.

LeBron James rocked the entire world as it was clear to everyone that he will be the first overall pick in the NBA Draft of 2003. He got into Cleveland Cavaliers, and since then Draft has become one of the premier talking points in the basketballing world.

This upcoming one just might rival the aforementioned one, as the roster on display is exceptionally talented, and most of these top picks have the ability to become world-class superstars.

Here are the top three possible first-round picks in NBA Draft 2019:


1. Zion Williamson

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The 18-year-old player has all the features to be a franchise poster boy as he is 6 feet 7 inches tall and weighs 285 pounds (129kg), making him one of the most fearsome athletes. He has an unbelievable turn of pace as well and jumps as high as one could.

He led Duke aptly as well in the NCAA Championships and was the only player not faced by the occasion as well. More likely than not he will be picked as the First Overall Pick, making him be drafted to the New Orleans Pelicans who won the Draft Lottery.

Season Stats: 22.6 Points per game | 8.9 Rebounds| 2.1 Assists


2. Ja Morant

Photo Credits: Neo Sports Insider

He has been compared to Russell Westbrook, as his game style is similar to that of the two time MVP of the League. He is still 19 years of age and has shown good ability to adapt as the season progresses.

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The sophomore is expected to go Second in the Overall Pick, and he might be joining Memphis Grizzlies, with the likes of Mike Conley, to help out the side in finally making the playoffs in the coming few years.

Season Stats: 24.5 Points per game | 5.7 Rebounds | 10 Assists


3. RJ Barrett

Photo Credits: In The Gym Range

The Canadian star is only 18 years of age and has been almost as impressive as Zion Williamson this season He started off strongly, with knocking off shots with ease, but got rather tired in the second half of the campaign.

He needs to focus on being a bit more consistent, and with his entire career in front of him to develop his game, RJ Barrett has enough time to be whatever he wants to be. As New York Knicks as the Third Overall Pick, it is expected that they will be snapping him up, to build a roster to attract free-agents this summer.

Season Stats: 22.6 Points per game | 7.6 Rebounds| 4.3 Assists


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