Who is the best NBA Player in 2018/19 season?

Updated on: May 29, 2019 12:03 pm IST

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    The discussion for the Greatest Player of all Time been put to rest as Michael Jordan has won that vote unanimously on several occasions. The current crop of talent in the NBA are contesting for their own place in history, and the leading man for the past decade has been LeBron James.

    James had all the ability in the world to put himself in a position to be the best player of all time, but due to reasons outside his control, he has lost that debate. He was touted to be the best BEST player in the NBA, bar none. But, he has had some injury problems this year, and the topic has once again been opened to see who will be the one willing to get on that throne.

    3 clear names have popped up, and here they are:

    1. Kevin Durant

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    The two-time NBA Champion along with winning the MVP of the Finals title twice, Kevin Durant is one of the most admirable talents in the history of the sport. He possesses an unbelievable arsenal in terms of offence, be it his jump shot, his drive, or his ability to dunk on anyone. The fact he is skinny as well as 7 feet tall makes him extremely versatile and flexible.

    He has been incredible all season long, and in the post-season, turned up the heat when it really mattered. Being the first pick in the NBA’s All-Star Game as well for the past two seasons, Durant is a superstar in his own right and might be looking to go to another franchise and build his own legacy of being a great basketball player.

    Season Stats: 26 Points per game | 6.4 Rebounds | 5.9 Assists

    Playoffs: 34.2 Points per game | 5.2 Rebounds | 4.9 Assists

    Career: 27 Points per game | 7.1 Rebounds| 4.1 Assists


    2. Kawhi Leonard

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    The man has single-handedly been responsible for the greatest achievement of his current franchise in Toronto Raptors by taking them to the finals of the NBA and winning the Eastern Conference. In just one season Kawhi Leonard might’ve become the greatest ever player to play for this team.

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    The talks about his free-agency have been strong all year long, and everybody doubted if he will even stick around, but Kawhi, who is also known as the Cyborg, because he doesn’t display any emotions at all, has been unbelievable in almost all clutch situations in the playoffs. His shot against Philadelphia 76ers, where he hit the game winner in the last second of game 7 is the only occasion that has turned up good in the history of the NBA. That is the quality of this superstar, who is an unbelievable monster defensively as well.

    Season Stats: 26.6 Points per game | 7.3 Rebounds | 3.3 Assists

    Playoffs: 31.2 Points per game | 8.8 Rebounds | 3.8 Assists

    Career: 17.7 Points per game | 6.3 Rebounds | 2.4 Assists


    3. Stephen Curry

    Photo Credits: Medium

    He is the greatest shooter ever seen in the game, as his range when it comes to shooting Threes, is unrivalled. He already has the record of hitting the most 3-pointers in a regular season as well in the playoffs or in a particular series. The man has single-handedly changed the way people play basketball in this era.

    Stephen Curry has revolutionized the sport, and in the absence of an injured Kevin Durant, has reminded the world how truly sensational he is as well. The team hasn’t lost a game since Durant was injured against the Rockets, and in fact, some might say are playing better and at a faster pace. He has turned back the clock and is making unbelievable shots at odd angles causing the opposition to be bamboozled.

    Season Stats: 27.3 Points per game | 5.3 Rebounds| 5.2 Assists

    Playoffs: 27.3 Points per game | 6.3 Rebounds | 5.6 Assists

    Career: 23.5 Points per game | 4.5 Rebounds | 6.6 Assists


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